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How to Start a Dog Daycare

How to Start a Dog Daycare

If you’ve been looking for an independent business that is rewarding, pursue your interest in how to start a dog daycare. You will be a big help to dog owners by taking their burdens away when they are not able to care for their pets. You’ll also prevent separation anxiety from affecting the pets. Here, dogs are taught to be sociable. Take note of these doggie care details before investing in the doggie care facility:

  1. You do not have to be an animal science degree holder to own a dog daycare center. As long as you have the business sense and a genuine concern for dogs, you can make this happen. Plan your dog daycare service according to your available resources. You can strictly limit the operating hours during the day time or offer an extended service overnight for added income.  Travelling dog owners will appreciate this program more than anything else.

  2. You won’t be starting a doggie care center if you have something against dogs. Design your service in such a way that it addresses the concerns of dog owners when they cannot care for their pets temporarily.

    s can be based on experience, surveys or research.

  3. Check out other doggie centers just to see their actual operations. Once you’re convinced that your operation can do better, set up the administrative side of the business first. This should handle legal matters, construction, purchasing, accounting, taxation and most especially marketing plus promotions.

  4. Go through all the zoning, safety, and health rules and regulations. Get all the necessary permits and complete the facility physically before applying for a business license – so that the outlet inspection can be facilitated thoroughly. Conceptualize for a captivating sign that you can install to the highly visible part of the center for local awareness.

  5. Be hands-on with your business to see the daily progress. Feel the response of the market first after the launching period and start hiring people based on the increase of the clientele percentage. This is a very conservative way of running the business. This way, you can very well see the true nature and performance of the newly hired staff.

  6. Impose a strict policy to admit dogs that have completed all vaccinations with no records of contagious diseases and harmful habits. Be helpful to those people who cannot comply by recommending a vet or a dog trainer. They will surely come back to you when their dogs are compliant with your policy. Some dogs can be violent when agitated, even if they do not have a history of bad behavior. Make sure to have a secluded area for it and have it manned by an experienced dog handler.

  7. Follow the standard market rates for dog daycares like yours. Offer only promotional rates during the launch, special occasions or when the business is slow. Make sure to equip your dog daycare with the devices, toys and quality dog foods for the dogs’ comfortable stay. Make sure to have enough competent people to handle the dogs most of the time.

Learning how to start a dog daycare is very personal. Word of mouth is the best way to promote your business. When the dog owners are confident with your service, they will gladly tell everyone about it. Try not to have dissatisfied clients by keeping them updated with their dogs’ activities while they are away.


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