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How to Start a Dog Kennel

How to Start a Dog Kennel

Dog kennels serve as lodging facilities for those precious canines when their owners are away. How to start a dog kennel is a good idea for a business if you are a dog lover yourself. You can set your kennel to the most basic or the most luxurious standards you can afford - based on what is affordable for you and your patrons. All you need is a spacious secured place for their comfortable sleeping quarters with an outdoor track for dogs to run around. Extra services such as grooming and training will be available upon booking. The following is your check list:

  1. Operate only through legitimate procedures since taking care of other people’s possessions can be some kind of liability. Set-up your accounting, tax and health systems following what’s required by the law to avail of such protection offered by the government when accidents happens. Never run your business without a valid business registration, fire protection and insurance. This will ensure that your service will go a long way.

  2. Find a location away from where people live but is accessible from various points of transport.

    mple parking is a must because dog owners normally travel on their vehicle when transporting their dogs. Make sure that your intended location passes the zoning law of the area for dog facilities before you avail of it. Install directional signage where commercially possible from entry points going to your dog kennel.

  3. Choose an enticing business name that explains your business directly. Place your business signage with the hotline number in the part of your facility which is within eye level of car drivers passing the kennel. Record all phone calls received from the hotline and feel the business through. If you still need more exposure, do basic marketing first like creating a website, promoting your dog kennel to other dog facilities such as veterinary clinics, dog training centers and dog grooming centers.

  4. Keep your dog kennel hygienic always. Aside from a complete and well-maintained dog kennel, cleanliness is the major come on for dog owners. Make your services affordable to your clientele. Initiate a joint-venture service agreement with the above dog facilities to be able to not refuse any request from customers. If you all have what their pet needs, they will stick with you for as long as your business exists.

  5. Negotiate whole sale rates with your dog supply suppliers so that whatever you have in your dog kennel, including the kennels and dog foods are available for sale from your dog kennel.

  6. Train your staff on the proper handling of dogs. This can make your service exceptional and keep your dog kennel orderly at all times. Motivate your people to serve the clients to the best of their ability because only happy people can make the dogs happy. When the dogs are pampered, the owners will be grateful and will always be loyal to your services.

When you are confident on how to start a dog kennel, do not forget to conduct a dry run before announcing your grand opening to the public. This will ensure that all problems are already taken care of before showing the dog kennel to potential customers. It is not hard to reach dog owners because they all have to buy dog supplies. Perhaps sponsoring a dog competition will be a good way to reach out to many dog owners in your area.


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