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How to Start a Fresh Water Fish Tank

How to Start a Fresh Water Fish Tank

Learn how to start a fresh water fish tank and apply what you’ve learned by starting one at home.  Many people consider this a therapeutic and enjoyable hobby.  It is calming to see your ornamental fishes swimming around in the water. It also adds an attraction to your home.  Here are important tips to consider:

  1. Read about and research every type of fish you want to put in your tank. The most common choices for a fresh water tank are guppies or goldfish. Know their characteristics and the environments they thrive in.  You are supposed to imitate this on a small scale inside your freshwater fish tank.

  2. Purchase the tank and the items you would need, such as the filter, bubble maker, light and the decorations. Make sure that the tank has no leaks. It is best to have an idea of how you want your tank to look. Take into consideration the quantity of fish you want to keep in your tank, the color scheme and the location of every coral and miniature rock. Some even put makeshift bridges and other ornamentals to create a nice underwater scene.

  3. Clean your tank inside and out and do the same with the decorations.  Rinse the sand with a colander to make sure it is not muddy or dirty and will not contaminate the water. Position your tank on the stand and level it. If you need to put in a vinyl border, position it properly now before you put in the sand. Arrange the decorations according to your original concept.

  4. Install the mechanisms needed like the filter, submersible heater and the lighting. Do not test it yet. Pour in water and half fill your tank with de-chlorinated water. Test your mechanisms now. If they are functioning well, you can start putting in some plants to further beautify your tank. Turn on the light for 12 hours a day to support the growth of the plants. Add in a culture of nitrifying bacteria and put in fish flakes for it to feed on. This will help process the fish waste and other organic materials inside the tank.  Let it settle for about a day or two.

  5. Check the temperature of the water. It should be at a stable 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. You can now put your fish in two or three at a time.  Turn off the lights when you put in the fish. Tear out the plastic and let it float on the tank.  Allow the fish to settle into its new environment. You can add in more fish if everything seems favorable. Make sure you do not put in too many as it will make your aquarium overcrowded. It is better to have too little than to have too many.

  6. Maintain the cleanliness of your tank.  Schedule regular cleaning with the use of a bucket. You can replace half the water at a time and remember not to add just tap water. It should be de-chlorinated, so put it aside for 24 hour before putting it in your tank.

Learning how to start a fresh water fish tank can become your hobby.  Of course, it entails some expenses, especially during the initial stage. It also requires your time and effort as the tank must be kept hygienic and pleasing to the eyes. However, you’ll definitely get satisfaction and fulfillment out of it. Some say that this hobby is addictive, so get ready to be hooked.


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