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How to Start a Salt Water Fish Tank

How to Start a Salt Water Fish Tank

Raising salt water fish can be done at home, usually for ornamental purposes.  It is important to know how to start a salt water fish tank to become knowledgeable with all the related aspects of the project.  Here are important ideas to make things easy for you:

  1. Determine where you want to set up your salt water tank.  It should not be near a window or right next to a door as sudden changes in temperature will be stressful to your fish. In case you live in a condominium, check with the administration department for any restrictions that may limit the size of the tank that you can display.  This is important as you would not want to buy another tank after a routine inspection reveals that your tank is too large. Be ready with at least three to four electricity outlets.

  2. When you have your tank, clean it thoroughly from any dirt or chemicals.  Position it in such a way that the level is even.  A tilted tank will be an eyesore.  Also, it can easily leak if not leveled properly.  Now, test it for leaks by filling it up with 1/3 water.

    stay for quite some time and look for any drips or wet marks outside the tank.  If there are signs of leaks, no matter how small, have it replaced.  Small leaks can easily become big, which is eventually a hassle for you.  It can endanger the fish’s life as well as your own if it breaks.

  3. Put in the decorations you want to place inside the tank.  The base should contain aquarium sand and pebbles.  It would be nice to put in miniature rocks, corals and plants as well. You can design how you want it to look before buying the items to put in your tank.  If one side of your tank is pressed against the wall, it would be a good idea to put in a vinyl aquarium background with an underwater design on it.

  4. Now it is time to put in the mechanisms, which would include a motorized bubble maker or air stone, filter, water heater and lighting.  Make sure you have the proper grounding to avoid electrical shocks, which could be dangerous. Half fill your tank with water and test all the electrical systems you intend to incorporate into your tank. If you are not familiar with electricity, it is best to hire an electrician just to be absolutely sure that the set-up is safe.

  5. Fill your tank with water and put in salt mix. With the use of a hydrometer, test the specific gravity of the water to ensure it is the recommended gauge for salt water fish tanks, which is about 1.020. It will take about a day or two to make the salinity of your water stabilize.

  6. When everything is set, you can now put in your fish. Make sure that the different species you choose can live in harmony together. Avoid getting one that will feed on fellow fish or you will end up with a single, fat fish. Keep in mind that overcrowding the fishes can be fatal for all of them.

Knowing how to start a saltwater fish tank can lead to a lifelong hobby.  Make sure you maintain your tank and feed your fishes regularly.  Check the condition of your tank from time to time, taking into consideration the right lighting, heat and salinity of the water.


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