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how to start dating after divorce

how to start dating after divorce

There will be plenty of adjustments needed as far as life is concerned after a divorce. Aside from the pain and emptiness felt, the ego can become very sensitive, especially when you know that your ex-spouse has already found a new love. Let it be and don’t be bothered because every individual is different and you have your own ways of coping with the loss. There are important considerations on how to start dating after divorce. Learn from the following:

  1. Avoid comparing your coping progress with your ex or some other divorced people. Remember that you are unique and you are taking your time. Catching up with your old friends and finding time to do your hobbies are the recovery routes to take. You are not miserable when alone. In fact, you love to pamper yourself with all the good things in life for a change.

  2. When you are envious watching happy couples, ask yourself if you are ready to take on disagreements and other problems that come with the union. It’s not every day that a couple is on the same page.

    e thankful that you do not have to go through all those troubles at the moment. There’s a right time for that – and you will never be in a hurry to change your status. Adapt the “come what may” attitude.

  3. Be honest with yourself when choosing a regular leisure activity. It should be something that is interesting to you and not just because you have more chances of meeting interesting people. For example, if you are an outdoors person, you can join a hikers’ club or other activities similar to that. Hanging out at entertainment venues at night can be very inviting for a while, but bear in mind that you can also be exposed to individuals looking for “fun”.

  4. Keep your children informed about who you are spending time with, even in the early stages of friendship. Should the relationship grow more serious, update the children too. This way, they won’t feel betrayed when one day you have to announce that you are getting married again. Get them excited about your dating conquest as well. Just don’t make abrupt conclusions that you have found your future spouse if you have not yet talked about marriage. You will lose credibility with your children when you are too anxious with your love affair.

  5. Your children may reject your new partner if they are caught by surprise. They have instincts too and not knowing the person can make them feel fearful or neglected. Be responsible enough to respect their feelings and balance your own.

You have to be considerate of the feelings of your children when planning how to start dating after divorce. Trust that your children will be happier when they see you happy. Just don’t make it too dramatic for them. Take it as it comes and make them a part of it every step of the way. You will be surprised how intelligent children can be in terms of relationships. They can be your source of advice when you are transparent with them.


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