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how to start over after a breakup

how to start over after a breakup

A breakup is like a volcano. After its eruption, there are aftershocks. When the decision of going separate ways is final, give yourself ample time to settle down. How to start over after a breakup is feasible when the reality already sets in. You are now free from your partner, and living life on your own is the next thing that should be done. Here are some hints for picking up the pieces for a worry-free life on your own:

  1. It’s necessary to temporarily avoid mutual friends who are more acquainted with your ex during the starting over stage. You do not want to create friction involving other people just because their loyalty is not with you. Better to find your own group that will not remind you of your past with your ex. As time progresses, old friends will be able to handle both of you as separate individuals. At the same time, you will also get used to not having the other person in your life anymore.

  2. Get over your ex first before considering dating again or making yourself marketable again.

    Bitterness in your heart will not send positive signals to the opposite sex. Make sure that you are cleared from all your inhibitions before hanging out with like-minded people. You might be sending the wrong signals when you are still confused with your feelings. Choose a group that fits your age group so that the dating game will not be that intimidating.

  3. Property division is quite tricky, but this can be facilitated smoothly when both have relaxed from the breakup. When ex-partners can deal diplomatically with each other after the breakup, you will have fewer problems when deciding what will go to whom. It’s much easier to have a lawyer in-between when you have numerous valuable properties. But if this is not your situation, it’s better to settle everything between the two of you. Disputes can only arise when one is not fair with the other. Try to be flexible and firm at the same time to make sure that you’ll get a fair share.

  4. Take advantage of your free time that is supposed to be spared for the ex. Spend that time to discover new things that really appeal to you when you did not have the chance in the past because your relationship was your first priority. Since you’re not yet familiar with these activities, your mind will be focused on their mechanics. Learn the art of jewelry making. This is not just a hobby. It can also be an opportunity to augment your income when you’ve mastered it. If you are computer savvy, get trained for Web developing to supplement your income later on.

  5. If you don’t want to bother other people by making them listen to your problems, be open to seeking professional help. Life coaches, psychologists, and therapists can definitely help without you owing personal favors. Spending a little bit on these services is all worth it. Professionals can detect symptoms of depression that can save you from more troubles later in life.

How to start over after a breakup can be exciting if you think positively. Turn the bad experience into a chance to be more successful in the future not just personally but also professionally. Moving on can be a fun thing too when you are financially able to spend for the pleasures that you never thought about when you were in a relationship. We need to break free from our daily routine once in a while just to recharge our energy. How much more after a breakup?


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