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How to Start Running to Lose Weight

How to Start Running to Lose Weight

Running is just one of the many activities you can get into to shed the pounds. All you need are a pair of well-cushioned running shoes, so running is also the easiest route to burn the fat you don't need. On the downside, since running burns calories, your body will crave plenty of replenishment. You will likely end up breaking even or losing just a few pounds at best. Therefore, your approach on how to start running to lose weight may require more than just lacing up your shoes and hitting the pavement blindly. To lose the most fat, here are some suggestions to get you started.

  1. Run at heart-appropriate speeds. For most, running for weight loss is simply running. But if you push yourself to the extreme, you will feel ravenous afterward, so you may end up eating more and stay in the same weight range. To really lose weight, measure your maximum heart rate, figure out how many beats per minute is 65% of your heart rate, and run until you hit that number.

  2. Run longer instead of faster. Aim for longer runs instead of sprinting while keeping in mind to aim for 65% of your maximum heart rate.

    This type of run ensures that you burn unwanted fat without robbing your body of its store of essential fat.

  3. Run fast, but do it in intervals. Fast running burns calories long after you have finished. To torch fat most effectively, run uphill in 30-second intervals to get your heart rate soaring. However, pace yourself so that you have enough energy to complete a set.

  4. Avoid drinking energy drinks. The point of running to lose weight is to burn your own store of fat, and you can only do this if you train your muscles to rely on your own fuel instead of external sources like energy drinks and gels. Instead, drink water 30 minutes before, during, and after the run to make sure your muscles have enough water to function well.

  5. Restrict your calorie consumption. Aim for at least 300 fewer calories than what your body typically needs. If you are overindulging in the first place, you wonÂ’t lose weight. If you want to feel full easier, opt for foods with non-soluble fiber. It releases glucose into the bloodstream gradually, and when you wash it down with plenty of water, it sweeps your colon clean and exits easily. It also helps prevent a host of gastrointestinal ailments.

  6. Get into strength training. When running, most people lose both fat and muscle, instead of just losing fat alone. Combine your calorie-restricted diet and running program with a twice-a-week full body strength workout, which you can do in the gym or at home. This is to ensure that you retain your muscle mass and lose just fat. Squats, push-ups, lunges, planks, and shoulder presses work best.

Mix and match your running regimen with other physical outdoor activities so you don't fall into a boring rut. Like professional athletes, the key is cross training, not just to reduce boredom, but most importantly, to give your body a holistic workout. Learning how to start running to lose weight should just be a first step to be more physically active and live a healthier lifestyle.


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