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How to Stimulate Hair Growth

How to Stimulate Hair Growth

Growing hair faster may be possible if you know how to stimulate hair growth. Hair is such an important part of our appearance that hair problems, from graying, thinning, to frizz and other hair woes, can trigger a bad mood or even depression for some. So it is important to know how to care for hair and how to encourage it to grow faster and healthier. There are many products offered on the market that promise to help hair grow faster. Actually, hair growth occurs in the scalp. Once hair goes outside the skin, it is made up of dead cells and there’s little you can do to make it grow. But taking care of the hair you have goes a long way in helping ensure that new growth is healthy. Do the following, and you’re on your way to enjoying healthy growing hair.

  1. Eat right. Since hair growth occurs in the scalp, it stands to reason that whatever you take in eventually affects your hair and appearance. Skin, hair, nails, and all external parts of the body give some indication of your overall state of health. Taking in nourishment will encourage hair growth that’s both healthy and strong.

    tamin C is particularly good for hair because the body needs it to produce collagen and absorb iron, both crucial to the growth of hair. Nutrient deficiencies in diet, particularly Vitamin C, are big causes of dry, dull, and weak hair. Other foods needed for good hair growth include protein, iron, zinc, and omega 3 fats. Some herbal supplements promise to help hair grow, but these tend to have varied effects on different people. You might try some to see what works for you.

  2. Get adequate rest. Stress triggers hair problems, as well as a host of other health issues. People seldom realize it, but hair is one indicator of good health. As stated above, deficiencies in diet shows up in hair. So does stress and fatigue. The body’s defense mechanism kicks up when a person is tired, pressured, or strained; it tries to prepare for survival by storing up energy and nutrition for the vital organs and withholds it from less-important parts. Hair usually is among the first to suffer as a result. So getting plenty of rest, having adequate time for relaxation and de-stressing, are all important factors for stimulating hair growth.

  3. Care properly for your hair. Even though anything you do to your hair will probably not affect hair growth, taking care of it will still have a direct and immediate bearing on the hair that does grow. Split ends, for example, will travel up the hair shaft and continue to damage the hair all the way to the new growth. Too much heat and products on the hair could cause breakage such that the length and appearance of the hair will be uneven and unsightly, forcing you to wait for it to grow out. Metal hair accessories and rubber bands cause tangling and breakage. So it is likewise important to take good care of hair. Shampoo carefully and properly, give the scalp a weekly good massage, deep-condition at least twice a month. Minimize the use of heating products (dryers, flat irons, curlers), and if you must use them, always use a heat protectant.

If you want long hair fast and can’t wait for nature to take its course, then you can simulate hair growth with hair extensions. Other than that, you can follow the suggestions above on how to stimulate hair growth and ensure that your hair grows well and healthy.


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