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How to Stop a Beagle from Howling

How to Stop a Beagle from Howling

Howling sounds from a beagle could mean many things. They tend to howl when they are left alone as they are sociable creatures and need constant interaction and attention. It could also mean that they are agitated, irritable, stressed or simply happy. These are just a few of the possible reasons for their howling. So, for your own peace of mind, you should learn how to stop a beagle from howling or find an effective way to minimize it. Here is some important input:

  1. Find out what the reason for your pet’s howling is. It could be trying to alert you. Do not just stop it right away. First and foremost, it is good for your pet to react and caution you when it senses something untoward that might pose a danger to you and your family.

  2. If your beagle is left alone for a very long time, it tends to howl. Beagles are interactive animals and love to be in the company of humans and other pets. If you have to leave your pet alone and it is used to being caged, cover the cage with a cloth to make it dark and gloomy.

    This will make your pet think it is evening already and will set the mood for it to fall asleep.

  3. Ask your veterinarian for a scent or plug-in diffuser that can calm the senses of your pet beagle and make it stop howling. Sometimes beagles howl when they are stressed out. They also howl when they are anxious or feel some kind of pain. Examine your pet’s body thoroughly for signs or clues of whatever is causing the pain. If possible, ask your vet to check on your pet to make sure it has not been affected by something serious.

  4. When your pet howls loudly, it can be annoying for you and for your neighbors. Teach it a command that it should understand to mean “stop”. Make sure you say it loud enough to divert its attention from howling. If your pet stops howling when you say the command, do not forget to reward it with a treat or a pat on the body. It will love the concern you give it and will endeavor to follow your commands to get the treat again. Beagles love positive attention and rewards. Punishment doesn’t work well with them.

  5. When you leave your beagle on its own, put on the radio or television. This will make it feel less alone. The noise will make it think people are around, and this will limit its anxiety and depression. Leave some toys within its reach to distract it. They may include a bone or a play thing that can keep it busy and, at the same time, exercise its teeth.

  6. If your beagle keeps howling despite your having commanded it to stop, hit the tabletop with a folded newspaper to create a sudden sound. This will distract the beagle and make it stop howling. Then you can attract its attention to another activity to prevent it from howling again.

As beagles are hunting dogs, howling is natural for them. Nowadays, they are no longer utilized for hunting but they continue to howl for almost any reason. Disciplining them not to howl or at least minimizing the howling is necessary as it gets annoying hearing them all the time. It may seem an impossible task, but you can learn how to stop a beagle from howling. It may take some time to reap the fruits of your hard labor, but it is definitely worth the try.


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