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How to Stop a Cat From Urinating in the House

How to Stop a Cat From Urinating in the House

Cats are indoor pets. You can keep them on a daily basis inside your house or in rooms inside your house. This means it is very important that they know where it is appropriate to pee and unload. Certainly, you will not want your home to smell like cat pee. There are ways on how to stop a cat from urinating in the house and they are as follows:

  1. Make sure the litter box is placed in the usual area. Keep it clean and use the same litter brand your cat is used to. Some cats are so keen on new kinds of litter, that they can detect a change in brand with their claws. They find this uncomfortable, driving them to find another place to comfortably pee. If you really want to change the brand of litter, put half of the previous brand in first and the other half of the new one until the old brand is gradually replaced.

  2. Keep at least two litter boxes per cat, just in case you come  home late and the other box is already used, your cat will have another one to go to. Some cats are really fastidious, especially if they are used to a clean litter box all the time.

    They will not like the intense ammonia smell of the used litter box.

  3. Spray your litter box with healthy substances designed to thoroughly eliminate its smell and stains. It is important that the appearance of the box is neat. It is also best to make sure you have properly trained your pet cat to go to the litter box to do its thing at an early age. This will become routine for the cat as it grows older.

  4. If your cat still pees anywhere inside the house despite doing all the above, prepare it for a check-up with the veterinarian.  It might be suffering from anxiety or other health conditions. This is especially possible for older cats, aged seven years old or above. It might be suffering from urinary tract infection, or UTI - making it difficult to reach the litter box when it’s time to unload. Administer the medications as advised by the vet. Do not ignore this symptom as it may pose a bigger health risk for your pet cat in the future.

  5. In some instances, cats are just naughty and tend to misbehave. Make a loud sound when your cat starts to pee. This will serve as a warning to the cat. Pick up the cat and place it inside the laundry room with its litter box. This will serve as punishment to discourage repeated bad behavior. Don’t leave it inside the laundry room for too long, it needs the fresh air and the experience might cause trauma and stress.

Raising cats requires you to understand their nature. Associate discipline with care at all times and your cat will easily learn good habits. Learning the simple tricks on how to stop a cat from urinating in the house is already a big achievement. It saves you the effort of cleaning up later.


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