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How to Stop a Male Cat From Spraying

How to Stop a Male Cat From Spraying

Male cats tend to spray to mark their territories. Anything that makes its daily routine different can threaten a cat. It could be visitors, additions to the family or sightings of another male cat. There are ways on how to stop a male cat from spraying. Some are clinical, but most of them are behavioral approaches. Here are practical suggestions:

  1. Cats are very territorial animals, so it will feel threatened by the presence of an unfamiliar cat. Let it get used to being with your constant companions at home. Do not allow it to get into the habit of window-watching to avoid seeing unfamiliar cats.

  2. Build a ladder playhouse for it to climb up and down to divert its energy. This will entertain the cat indoors and it will not think of looking for other diversions outside of the house. The cat will only attempt to leave home if it is bored.

  3. A cat that has playmates inside the house is not likely to spray just to prove that it owns the place. It is used to sharing, playing, eating and sleeping with other cats.

  4. Changing house arrangements can disorient cats. This is stressful for them, so make sure to have a steady venue for their feeding, littering and sleeping activities if you need to refurnish your house.

  5. A cat agitated by visitors must be calmed down by isolating it in a room. This can prevent it from hurting anyone. Cats have a very strong sense of smell, so they will detect the scent of visitors. Cat sprays containing substances like pheromone can relax a cat. Get something like Feliway spray for future events.

  6. Purchase a disinfectant spray using natural enzymes to kill bacteria that produce bad odors. This will prevent your cat from re-marking the place. Concealing the odor with air fresheners will not be effective because of the cat’s sensitivity to smell. It is important to clean and disinfect the spot thoroughly.

  7. Hostile spray products will make your garden, sofas and curtains off-limit to cats. Unfriendly smells will not be tolerated by cats, and they will not dare get close to these marked items. Keep your furnishings safe from the sharp claws and stinky urine of your cat by using this spray. This will strictly keep your cat away.

  8. Wash sheets, blankets and door mats regularly. If they don’t smell fresh, cats will think that it’s acceptable to spray on them. It is also important to keep things tidy.

Cats are highly adaptable to their environment. If they live in a very clean house, they try to make themselves worthy of the place. If it’s the opposite, they will contribute more in making your place as filthy as you can imagine. How to stop a male cat from spraying is something that must not be ignored. Let your cat know immediately that it’s not acceptable, and do something about it before your cat becomes used to that bad habit.


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