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how to stop a paycheck garnishment

how to stop a paycheck garnishment

You have to move really fast when making a deal with your creditor as soon as you receive the garnishment notification from the court. If you are confident that the court will grant your petition if you file for bankruptcy, go ahead and do it. This is not only one of the methods for how to stop a paycheck garnishment, but it is also a second chance for rebuilding your finances without being disturbed by creditors. Here are more suggestions in stopping a paycheck garnishment:

  1. The garnishment of wages cannot be easily reversed especially when the judgment has been made in favor of the creditor already, which is normally the case. You can only try to stop a garnishment when you cannot live decently anymore because the garnishment has taken away what should be the allocation for your needs for daily living. A claim of exemption in the courthouse locally may be filed to ease your burden. Make sure to bring proof to convince the judge to revoke the garnishment. Aside from your wage stub, bring all of your bills together with the receipts for your monthly living expenses.

  2. Many people have been caught by surprise that they can no longer afford what used to be affordable before the economic crisis. Mortgages, automobiles, credit cards, and school loans are the primary payments that most Americans are struggling with. It’s understandable that a lot of individuals are in denial because these expenses were considered as necessities during the good times. No matter how hard it is to accept, be open to a foreclosure, repossession, or other alternatives. Remember that you are not the only one suffering.

  3. When we can hardly make both ends meet, it’s very common that most individuals will resort to acquiring additional loans. Refrain from doing this when you have already become delinquent with your existing loan because this will alert your creditors. A wage garnishment will be imposed by the lender when the debtor loses his or her credibility in paying off the debts incurred by being irresponsible in resorting to more debts.

  4. Prioritize making timely payments for the debt that may result in a garnishment. Multiple late payments, bounced checks, and uncollected payments are serious indications that it will be much longer before the creditor will file a garnishment case against you.

  5. Be realistic with your available resources and initiate negotiations with your lender. Do not be afraid of laying all your cards out on the table and being transparent with the creditors because this is the only way to convince them.

  6. Stopping a paycheck garnishment is better to be handled by a lawyer, consolidation agent, or a debt expert from a lending firm. They have hands-on experience, and they are in the position to give advice. There’s no need to hire an expert. Just utilize your access to them using your existing funds. You may have a serious talk with the debt collector assigned to your account and see what she or he can suggest as far as your case is concerned.

Paycheck garnishment is a forced collection because the debtor’s weekly income will be deducted directly without his or her consent. Not having any control over your own paycheck is a devastating experience. Creditors will only resort to this when they are threatened with your negligence in managing your responsibilities to them. You won’t worry anymore on how to stop a paycheck garnishment when you are able to communicate your intentions with your creditors before it’s too late.


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