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how to stop a seizure

how to stop a seizure

It has been passed from generation to generation that the quickest way to stop a seizure is to place the index finger below the nose and directly pressing the indented area. Lots of nerve endings are located in this part of the lip area, so that explains the benefits noticed after massaging the area. Paracetamol will also help in relieving headaches after the remedy, and it will have better effects when taken before bedtime. How to stop a seizure differs from one person to the other. You just have to try what works for you or for your loved one. It’s a fact that the mind affects the body. Seizures are caused by mental dysfunctions due to damaged cells. This can be balanced by having wonderful thoughts. Positive thinking and proper breathing exercises contribute to the prevention and control of seizures. If a person is not keen in using natural abilities for healing, there are more alternative and conventional treatments to choose from. Here are some of the recommended remedies and preventive measures:

  1. Having experienced more than one seizure already must have given a person the idea on what initiates them.

    Sleeplessness, irregular eating habits, and exposure to irritating lights are some of the initiators for most patients. Healthy habits must be incorporated into everyday life so as to put the condition under control. Knowing what causes your problem will not leave you in the dark while treating it.

  2. Do not ignore the signs prior to the seizures. A tingling feeling or a gut feeling that a bigger problem is coming cannot be denied in the person’s aura. Just to cite an example, juvenile myoclonic patients normally feel myoclonic twitches before the existence of a major seizure. It will serve as a signal to start implementing the plan on how to deal with the problem so as not to worsen the symptoms.

  3. Don’t miss any of your medications. If your doctor prescribed maintenance drugs, do not take them for granted. They are there to strengthen the nervous system to avoid damage that can result from major seizures. They also reduce the symptoms of seizures or prevent them from happening like Klonopin. It has more or less the same effects as Valium. It helps the body to relax thus alleviating stress. Since stress can be the beginning of a seizure, there’s a big possibility that seizures won’t happen.

  4. A strong relaxant like a tranquilizer injection can immediately slow down a seizure as it is starting. Lorazepam can only be administered by a paramedic prior to transporting the patient to a medical facility. Diazepam is also another kind of tranquilizing substance. The injection method is often used when an ambulance is called during a massive attack.

  5. Try to stay calm as much as possible when you feel the signs of seizures. Concentrate on your deep breathing. Focus your thoughts or use breathing as the main point of meditation. This is very helpful because it will relax your whole body and will enhance blood circulation while supporting oxygenation. Find a place that is conducive to this practice. A quiet and comfortable private area is ideal.

No matter how mild your seizures are, they must not be left untreated. It’s just a matter of time before you’ll experience damaging attacks. Knowing how to stop a seizure is a necessity for you or a loved one. The tendency to panic can be avoided when you know how to deal with the problem. Be prepared and put the seizures under control.


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