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How to Stop Bra Straps from Falling off Shoulders

How to Stop Bra Straps from Falling off Shoulders

A lot of women know how annoying it is to have their bra straps fall off their shoulders. Having to constantly pull them up can be embarrassed and irritating. Aside from switching to racerback bras, which does not appeal to everyone, below are some ideas on how to stop bra straps from falling off shoulders.

  1. Check whether you’re wearing the right bra size. Usually, when bra straps frequently fall off your shoulders, it may be because you’re wearing the wrong size bra. Measure yourself, or have a professional do it. In some instances, the band is too loose, which causes the straps to slip even if they are the correct length. You may mistakenly keep on tightening them without knowing that the problem is the band. Try out a bra size with a smaller band, but with the same or slightly bigger cup size. If this new size fits well, it might solve the strap problem too.

  2. Use a convertible bra. Convertible bras have straps you can detach and wear different ways. A good option is to wear them in a crisscross at the back.

    imply re-hook each end so when you wear the bra, the straps form an “X” on your back. This way, the straps cannot slip off your shoulders.

  3. Re-position each strap. Oftentimes, straps set too far apart contribute to their slippage. To move them closer together, detach or cut each off cleanly where they connect to the back of the bra band. Then sew each end onto the band closer together, and voila, you have straps that won’t fall off your shoulders anymore. If you lack sewing skills, ask a friend or family member to do this for you.

  4. Use an accessory to hold the straps together. You can find bra attachments that hold bra straps together. An example would be bra clips, which consist of a small piece of plastic onto which you can hook each bra strap on your back to keep them taut and slip-free.

  5. Sew a ribbon perpendicularly onto each strap at the back, which is a cheap and easy way to hold annoying slipping straps together. After putting on your bra, firmly tie the ribbons together for a DIY way of keeping your straps from falling off.

  6. Sew bra strap holders onto shirts. You could sew ribbons and metal snaps in the inside shoulder area of your tops. These nifty sew-ons can hold the bra straps in place by keeping them attached to the shoulder of the garment. Simply get a short length of ribbon, and sew half of a metal snap to the end. Sew this ribbon onto the inside shoulder of the blouse or shirt, then sew the other metal snap half to the outside of the bra strap. Do this for each shoulder and strap. When wearing the shirt and bra together, simply press the snaps together to keep the bra straps from slipping off.

As you can see, there are many ways on how to stop bra straps from falling off shoulders. All you need to do is decide which among these tips are the easiest for you. Share these tips with other women so no one needs to deal with bothersome bra straps again.


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