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How to Stop Burning Scalp and Hair Loss

How to Stop Burning Scalp and Hair Loss

Is your scalp feeling painful? Does it feel like it's been burning under the heat of the sun even though you're indoors? Or has it been sunburned? Knowing the right remedy for your scalp and hair woes depends on the exact cause. To learn how to stop burning scalp and hair loss, take a look at the solutions outlined in the steps below, which are based on the possible causes of either condition.

  1. A burning scalp may be caused by certain hair products. Some of them contain harsh chemicals that may irritate your scalp, especially if yours is more sensitive than that of the average person. As such, stop using the product causing the burning. To narrow down the culprit, use one product at a time or observe when it is that you usually feel the burning sensation. Is it after you shampoo? Or is it after you apply a certain styling product?

  2. The burn may also be triggered by certain styling processes. Does it ache when you blow dry, iron, perm, straighten, or braid your hair? Avoid whichever process it is that is causing the irritation.

  3. It is also possible that certain medications or health conditions may cause the burning sensation. As such, consider seeing your doctor to talk about substituting the medication or of other alternative treatment options, as well as having yourself checked to see if the burning is a sign that you are developing an illness or health complication.

  4. A safe alternative is massaging olive oil onto the affected area and leaving it there for 10 minutes before washing it out. You can also apply a cold compress for relief.

  5. If you're having problems with hair loss, ease off heat-based grooming habits and shift to mild hair care products to minimize the shedding. You should also reduce the use of styling products and having your hair dyed, relaxed, or permed as these are damaging to your locks and may cause further hair loss.

  6. Avoid using too much shampoo when washing your hair. Also, avoid overcombing your strands¬ódoing so will only tug at your follicles and cause even more fallout. Use a wide-toothed comb, instead, and groom only as needed. If you need to detangle, do so with your fingers and while your hair is wet and slathered in conditioner, as the added lubrication helps make this process easier and reduces hair loss. Never comb or brush your hair while it's wet (and without conditioner).

  7. Avoid rubbing wet hair vigorously with your towel as the friction may cause breakage and fallout. Instead, squeeze off excess water carefully with your bare hands and simply pat your mane dry with the cloth.

  8. In addition to burning scalp, some medications may also cause hair loss¬óconsider asking for alternative medicines from your GP to remedy this.

  9. A poor diet and much stress can cause hair to fall out unnecessarily. To counteract this, eat nutritious food, such as those that are rich in iron and protein (fish, eggs, legumes, some vegtables, and white meat) so that your hair will grow stronger. You can take vitamin supplements to ensure your body is getting the right amount of nutrients each day. Also, get at least seven hours of sleep nightly so your body has more time to repair itself and better cope with stress.

  10. Unhealthy weight loss can cause hair loss as well. If you're trying to lose weight, avoid shedding off more than two pounds per week.

  11. You can try using hair growers, such as Rogaine, to help jumpstart hair production. Massaging your scalp daily also helps to promote hair growth and slows down shedding.

Part of knowing how to stop burning scalp and hair loss is avoiding hairstyles that tug at your hair, as this can also make you lose more strands. Also, avoid using wigs or hats too much in order to let your crowning glory breathe more. Your scalp and hair will thank you.


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