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How to Stop Cat From Spraying

How to Stop Cat From Spraying

Spraying urine on vertical objects such as furniture, windows and walls is an instinctive behavior in cats that is different from urinating outside the litter box. A cat is an innately territorial animal and spraying is one thing that she does to ‘mark’ her territory. As a responsible cat owner, you need to look into ways and how to stop cat from spraying and the reasons why she sprays. Stress, environmental change or the addition of a new pet or human into your home can cause her to be at unease and results in spraying. Let your feline know that this is an undesirable behavior. You can use these tips to help you correct this trait in your feline:

  1. Have your veterinarian check on the condition of your cat. Before assuming the cause of spraying in your cat, take her to the vet to rule out any medical conditions. Have her undergo the surgery of spaying or neutering since spraying can be prevented even before the behavior begins.

  2. Constrain your cat’s view of the outdoors. She will most likely spray on window sills and other vertically-structured objects when she sees other cats roaming around outside your house.

    ose your window sills with drapes or curtains and other areas inside the house where she may gain access to what is outside your home. Instead, create a small play area for your furred friend where she can redirect and refocus her attention.

  3. If you have more than one cat in your home, create a healthy relationship among them. Cats that can blend well together in interaction are less likely to spray. Allow them to do things together like eating and sleeping to foster a stronger relationship. Equal attention must be given to each cat so they do not fight over your affection and territory.

  4. Keep things in a routine. Feed your cat at the same time and at the same place every day and keep the things she has become accustomed to. Sudden changes in behavior, structure and even the addition of new people, animals or things inside the home can pose great anxiety on her, causing her to spray urine at the wrong places. A cat is usually a clean animal and prefers a clean environment, so keep her bed and litter box in place.

    When planned and expected gatherings happen, temporarily place your cat in a separate room where she can play and roam around, especially when guests have their own cats. Use safe and vet-approved products to calm the cat when she is under stress. It is also very important to thoroughly clean places where cats have urinated on to prevent re-marking. Eliminating a bad odor that has been caused by the cat’s urine is far more essential than just covering up the unpleasant smell.

  5. Use sprays that repel the unpleasant odor cat spray produces. This will help keep your cat away from furniture, drapes and other areas and prevent her from performing this undesirable behavior.

As a pet owner, you are responsible for how your pet behaves and the traits she is showing. Altering and correcting certain behaviors such as how to stop cat from spraying will not happen overnight. You need to stretch your patience when training your cat the proper way to urinate as this can be beneficial to the both of you


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