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How to stop chronic diarrhea

How to stop chronic diarrhea

When the balance of healthy bacteria in the digestive system is destroyed, the result is re-occurring diarrhea. Blame this on your sweet diet and antibiotic dependency. Do not rule out a food allergy because it’s the culprit for many people’s re-occurring diarrhea. Chronic diarrhea is a crippling condition that can very well make one’s life miserable if not deadly. The condition is classified also as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. How to stop chronic diarrhea is manageable, but it has to be diagnosed first before any treatments. Doctors rely on the medical history of the patient together with blood and stool tests. Bacteria and parasites can be detected by culturing the stools. X-rays can be ordered also plus an endoscopy. The tubal insertion into the mouth or rectum facilitated by a gastroenterologist to view the intestines internally is called endoscopy. The following remedies can, however, provide some relief:

  1. Minimize your dairy products intake. Regular, unsweetened yogurt is the only exception among dairy products to be good for use.

    th the exception of sugar-free yogurt, you should be able to eliminate chronic diarrhea. Even if you are not allergic to dairy, sensitivity to the products can develop leading to diarrhea every time you consume some. You’ll need to eliminate this completely from your diet if your condition is not improved.

  2. Take Probiotics frequently. The good bacteria will aid the function of the digestive system. Candida can even be eliminated by Probiotics when consumed in large amounts.    These are the kind of bacteria that antibiotics and infection destroy thus creating a malfunction in the digestive system. We can replenish the supply of friendly bacteria by adding Probiotics to our diet. They restore the balance of bacteria and repair damaged intestinal tissues.  They also protect the system from viruses that cause infections.

  3. Use bentonite to get rid of toxic waste in the body. It is developed for toxic waste absorption from natural clay. It can regulate excessive bacteria and can be taken orally either in pill or liquid form for a stronger effect. The toxins are absorbed by bentonite in the colon. The digestive tract will be cleaner and healthier when the substance is used. Harmful bacteria will also be controlled and be in harmony with the helpful bacteria.

  4. Replace the lost electrolytes in the body with Pedialyte and Oralyte rehydration solutions. Natural source for electrolytes is broths with sodium and fresh juices with potassium content. This must be done on top of drinking lots of water to avoid dehydration. Caffeinated and alcoholic drinks have no place in the digestive system of a person with chronic diarrhea. These drinks can dehydrate the body.

  5. Choose foods that can be digested easily. Milk products, fatty, and spicy foods aggravate the condition. Sweet and creamy confections will not be helpful also. Do eat bananas, boiled potatoes, toasted bread, plain crackers, cooked carrots, plain rice with baked, skinless chicken. Bananas, applesauce, toast, and rice dishes with lean meat are good for children.

How to stop chronic diarrhea needs the utmost care. Children with the condition must be under close watch by the parents. It should not be left untreated because children are prone to dehydration, and adults will not be able to function to the best of their ability if their movements are limited by the discomfort of the disease. It is also possible that chronic diarrhea is just a symptom of a more serious underlying disease.


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