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how to stop dating a married man

how to stop dating a married man

Whether you have just started your relationship or have been seeing him for a while, how to stop dating a married man can be difficult and challenging. Dating a married man can eventually twist your heart and mind. Psychologically, a woman who builds an affair with a married man must have experienced a kind of emotional abandonment that stemmed from her childhood years. If you are scared on how to call it quits, the tips below can help you face the challenge.

  1. Set your mind. Feed your mind with the thought that dating a married man is never good. Accept that you can never win when you interfere in his marriage, no matter how much you love him. In other words, dating a married man while he is still cohabiting with his wife is certainly a losing proposition.

  2. Love yourself unconditionally. When Whitney Houston popularized the song entitled “Greatest Love of All,” you must have realized what she meant with the line “learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all.

    hat you feel for him is neither love nor affection, but a mere infatuation. Loving yourself means respecting your dignity as a woman. Loving and respecting yourself implies that you don’t have to settle for anything less; you deserve the best, not just a mere illicit love affair.

  3. Be true to yourself. Do you think he is true to you? If he is cheating on his wife, do you honestly believe that he does not lie to you? He does, of course. The lies that he used to fool his wife are the same lies that he is telling you. Chances are he has more women out there than just you. By this time, you must have realized the kind of characteristics that you are looking for a man. For sure, you want someone honest and faithful.

  4. Get out from the trap. Never believe that he will eventually leave his wife and children for you. He can never do that, especially if he makes sure that your affair remains a secret. If he cannot even introduce you to his circle of friends, that means he respects his wife; he does not want to embarrass his wife before his friends and associates. Once your affair becomes so intense that you start to demand more time and attention, he will leave you behind.

  5. Know the effects of unwanted pregnancy. If you become pregnant, you will have the burden of raising your child alone. He will likely leave you and choose to stay with his wife in order to compensate his offense to her. When he says he is going back to his wife, he really means it.

  6. Stop seeing him. You should avoid seeing him. Do it gradually, so it won’t hurt so much. Once you have decided to leave him, stick to it. There should be no turning back. The good news about it is you can spend more time with yourself. Avoid the feeling of emptiness by going out with friends or by doing the things that interest you. Rediscover your hobbies or do something productive like growing your favorite flowers.

Leaving a married man may be difficult to do, especially if he has been treating you in the most special way. You feel like he is happiest when you are with him, and he loves you more than his wife – these are mere tricks designed to lure you. Staying with him does not only destroy the people around him, but it also hurts your family. The tips above on how to stop dating a married man are not hard to follow as long as you are really determined to end it for good.


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