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how to stop diabetes

how to stop diabetes

To be blunt, it’s the wrong foods and laziness that are the major causes of diabetes. The ratio of one diabetic in every three people is disturbing. It’s bizarre to know that some people would rather choose insulin over exercise. Some people in the high-risk group having traces of diabetes in their genes wouldn’t mind having to go through diabetes therapies than be selective in their diet to prevent themselves from acquiring the disease. How to stop diabetes is practical especially when you don’t have it yet. Delaying the progression of type 1 diabetes to type 2 diabetes is also possible. When the sugar level reaches 126 milligrams per deciliter after eating, diabetes already exists. It normally takes around ten years for the disease to develop to the next level. The good news is, it will not worsen over time with healthy living. Diabetics can even exceed the lifetime of normal people when proper diet and exercise are patronized. Simple ways can generate amazing results. Better take the following tips seriously:

  1. Do not make it a habit to finish your meal with sweet drinks or heavy desserts made from sugar.

    y away from anything that could increase your glucose level tremendously. Carbohydrates that will turn into sugar must be avoided also to stay fit. Having excess weight can speed up the level of diabetes to stage 2 faster.

  2. Starchy snacks are also pure sugar. These will add up to the already critical sugar level. White bread, cookies, cakes, and refined white rice can worsen the condition when consumed in large amounts. Instead, go for snacks that are made from potatoes, sweet potatoes, and wheat to stop your cravings. No need to starve yourself. Just choose your food wisely.

  3. Stabilize your carbohydrate intake by adding protein to the diet. Glucagon levels will be stimulated when this happens. They are fat-burning hormones that can be fueled by the combined carbohydrates and protein nutrients. Skinless poultry, lean meats, fish, especially salmon and egg whites, are some examples. A once-a-week supply of these proteins will be good enough.

  4. Learn to love fibrous snacks made from fruits or vegetables that are fresh and raw for even greater effects. Formulated vitamins and supplements cannot exceed the benefits found in these produce items. The way we eat will determine our cause of death if it comes naturally, of course. Healthy eating habits must be prioritized to prolong a quality life. This is applicable to all people not just for diabetics.

  5. Embrace exercise like it’s your daily meal. It will promote good health because blood circulation, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels will be well regulated. Muscles will be relaxed, and internal organs will become stronger. A person cannot be healthy without physical activities, after all. So make it a part of your life, and you’ll never worry about your health.

A diabetes-free life means being selective with one’s diet, having regular exercise, and keeping the ideal weight. How difficult can this be? Be aware that diabetes has no cure, and treatments can be costly depending on the extent of the disease. Worse yet, it’s a slow killer if not controlled ultimately compromising your heart, liver, and other vital organs. Losing a leg or an eye is also possible. Just considering the damage from diabetes, living healthfully should not be a sacrifice.  It’s a luxury that everyone can afford. How to stop diabetes must be known to all mankind.


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