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how to stop diabetes before it starts

how to stop diabetes before it starts

Diabetes occurs due to elevated glucose levels and clogged arteries. The extra sugar moving in the bloodstream contributes to the problem since blood sugar levels change quickly. If exercise and proper diet are absent, diabetes can develop into a full-blown, chronic disease. The challenge on how to stop diabetes before it starts is for everyone not just for people who are at a high risk of contracting the disease. Possible complications of this disorder include: stroke, blindness, heart failure, kidney disease, peripheral vascular disease, and other serious infections. The effect of diabetes on the kidneys can further lead to loss of protein in the urine and scarring infection in the kidney tissues. Chronic diabetes can also damage the small blood vessels in the body (microvascular complication). Stopping diabetes before it starts can be done through the following steps:

  1. Submit to a pre-diabetic test. This test is a medical procedure that can determine whether the patient is diabetic or not or borderline.

    The rate of the normal, blood glucose level is 100 mg/dL. Anywhere between 100 mg/dL to 125 mg/dL, the person is already in the pre-diabetic stage. Higher than 125 mg/dL, diabetes is considered to have fully set in.

  2. Submit to a medical interview. Aside from conducting a fasting blood glucose lipid profile and high blood pressure test, the client will likewise answer specific questions geared towards determining the possibility of having diabetes. Questions about age, family history relating to diabetes, origin, weight, exercise or physical activity, and lifestyle are important in determining the presence or extent of diabetes.

  3. Reduce weight through exercise. Overweight or obese individuals are at risk of contracting diabetes. Performing daily exercise can make a big difference in lowering the risk of diabetes. Thirty minutes of cardiovascular activity daily can gradually trim down body weight. Also, exercise promotes good insulin activity in the body.

  4. Know what to avoid. Avoid red meats since they are packed with fats and LDL cholesterol, which can increase blood glucose levels immensely. Eating red meat can lead to weight gain which, in turn, can affect the ability of the pancreas to produce insulin to stabilize blood sugar levels. Also, avoid foods that are high in calorie content. These are the foods usually made of refined sugar and simple carbohydrates like: ice cream, cakes, pastries, sweet beverages, and white rice or white bread.

  5. Switch to a high-fiber diet. Green, leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, and watery and dark-colored fruits are rich in fiber. They make the digestive system work better in order to extract the needed calories. In effect, the release of sugar into the bloodstream cannot trigger a blood glucose increase.

  6. Never smoke. A single cigarette is packed with dangerous chemicals that can affect not just the lungs and the heart but all other internal organs as well. Smoking can increase cholesterol levels and make the blood pressure go up. Eventually, blood circulation is affected.

  7. Limit alcohol intake. Too much intake of alcoholic beverages which contain carbohydrates, like beer, is dangerous because it increases the risk of contracting diabetes. Although red wine may have a few heart benefits, too much consumption of it is not appropriate. The key is moderation or, perhaps, avoidance.

  8. Study about diabetes. It is true that knowing the enemy, which is diabetes, makes the battle easy to overcome. Knowing the causes of diabetes, its signs and symptoms, and the potential preventive methods can help in thwarting its occurrence. In that way, the mind is cautioned to be careful on the types of foods and drinks to consume, as well as on the routine of exercises to perform.

Therefore, for individuals whose current lifestyle and habits can lead to the development of diabetes, it is not too late yet to make a move. The tips discussed above on how to stop diabetes before it starts are painless to follow and entirely achievable.


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