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how to stop diarrhea fast

how to stop diarrhea fast

The unexpected occurrence of diarrhea is   a very humiliating experience. It has to stop quickly before others can notice it. Though it is our body’s way of eliminating induced toxins, successive bowel movements can also cause dehydration. First in line on how to stop diarrhea fast should have something to do with over-the-counter anti-diarrheas. Diarrhea, or loose bowel movements, is caused by bacterial infection, unsanitary water, adulterated food, parasites, and poison present in the digestive system. It is an energy-draining condition with matching awful stomachaches. Since this can happen anytime, anywhere, equip yourself with the knowledge of stopping diarrhea on the spot. Here is how:

  1. Carry medications for diarrhea anywhere you go. By now you may already know what works best for you. These anti-diarrheal medicines include: Imodium, Pepto-Bismol, DiaClear, and Kaopectate. It is important not to tolerate side-effects because there will always be medications that are more suitable for your body chemistry. If you feel nauseated, experiencing headache or vomiting, change to another kind of medicine on your next dosage immediately.


  2. Add antibiotics to your medicine if the diarrhea is caused by bacteria. This is a must when the condition continues despite administering over-the-counter drugs. This should, however, be prescribed by your doctor. Antibiotics must be taken following the prescribed dosage given by your doctor. A seven-day treatment, for example, must be continued even if the diarrhea stopped already. The purpose of the length of the treatment is to kill the bacteria that caused the ailment to avoid a re-occurrence.

  3. Eat fruits that can harden stools quickly. Fruits are easy-to-digest solid foods. The effect will also be fast when their extracts can pass through the digestive system immediately. Bananas, apples, and guavas are a few of the many fruits that have these helpful properties. You can easily find them in fresh markets and grocery outlets. This is probably the most enjoyable treatment you can ever have.

  4. Inquire about activated charcoal pills for constant diarrhea. Your doctor’s recommendation on this would rely greatly on your own personal situation. Everybody can utilize this treatment, but the need of each person is different from another. It also has inflammation-reducing capabilities that help in curing the sickness. Your doctor will know what to ask and look for to prescribe charcoal pills accordingly.

  5. Mix electrolytes with water and drink as many as you can. Dehydration can worsen the effects of diarrhea so it is crucial to stay hydrated. Energy drinks like Gatorade can also help. You are inviting other ailments if your water intake is not sufficient for your body’s requirements. You may cut down on your solid food intake but never on water. Remember that the human body is composed mostly of water.

  6. Avoid milk, alcohol, and caffeine so as not to delay the healing process. You might be too confident that you were able to get rid of your diarrhea just like that and start socializing with your choice of drinks. If you happen to choose any of these prohibited drinks, at least for the time being, don’t be surprised if your stomach starts aching again and sending you back to the nearest toilet.

The above recommendations on how to stop diarrhea fast are very effective granted that you have the discipline to do the right thing. Hygiene, diet, and attitude play great parts in putting your affected body back to its normal state. Preparedness really matters especially when embarking on an eating or food-tasting festival. You cannot put your host down when they witness your great sacrifice from that untimely diarrhea of yours! It’s a bit embarrassing, don’t you think?


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