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how to stop diarrhea in cats

how to stop diarrhea in cats

According to peteducation.com, diarrhea refers to the rapid movement of consumed foods through the intestine. Such a condition can result in an increased number of bowel movements in a day, increased quantity of stool, or loose and watery stools. Ideally, you should call your veterinarian if your cat is suffering from diarrhea. However, there are a few techniques on how to stop diarrhea in cats that you can try at home. Try to identify how the symptoms are appearing, so you will know what kind of diarrhea is plaguing your cat. If the symptoms are suddenly reveling, your cat has acute diarrhea. If the symptoms remain for days or even weeks, the condition is called chronic diarrhea. If the symptoms are gone after a while, but then present again in a number of days, the illness is called intermittent diarrhea. At any rate, let us study some tips that can stop diarrhea in your cat.

  1. Withhold food in the meantime. Don’t give food to your cat for 12 to 24 hours. While you withhold food, keep your cat hydrated by providing plenty of clean and fresh water.

    However, bland foods like fat-free boiled chicken and rice may be given in small quantities in the meantime. Once you notice that your cat is slowly recovering, gradually resume his usual diet.

  2. Know the foods to give. There are a number of home remedies you can use. Feed your cat plain yogurt containing active cultures, cooked hamburger, three drops of grape seed extract mixed into wet food, and bene-bac powder, which you can buy at the nearby pet supply store. Cook a chicken breast, drain it, chop it into pieces and mixed it into a cup of rice. Your cat will love it.

  3. Know the don’ts. Never give your kitten dairy foods. Although milk is very interesting to give, it is not advisable because it can only aggravate diarrhea. When ill, cats don’t have sufficient enzymes to digest milk sugar. In other words, any dairy product can only result to a more serious digestive problem.

  4. Use dewormer. According to Dr. Susan Little DVM on felinexpress.com, “diarrhea in kittens can be very frustrating as there are so many potential causes,” including intestinal parasites. A good dewormer is fenbendazole since it also affects the parasite called giardia. If coccidia caused the infection, sulfa drugs like TMS are recommended.

  5. See your veterinarian. Peteducation.com recommends that you bring your cat to your veterinarian if you notice any or some of the following signs: stool has blood and it looks dark, fever, vomiting, gums look pale or yellow, depressed or dehydrated. Whether or not your cat has received all the needed vaccinations, inform your doctor.

  6. Allow your cat to undergo medical tests. The doctor will check your cat’s temperature, heart and respiration. Other physical examinations that may be done on your cat include a mouth exam and abdominal palpitation. A fecal exam is likely to be done too in order to identify the presence of parasites like giardia and worms.

    If your kitten is really ill, chemistry panels and complete blood count tests are recommended. The blood test will help determine the presence of feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukemia virus. If a foreign element, tumor or any anatomical problem is suspected, an x-ray exam may be performed too. All these diagnostic tests are important so that your cat can receive proper medications.

As a responsible pet owner, it is better to employ preventive measures rather than being confronted with the challenge of how to stop diarrhea in cats. Instead of buying substandard canned or packaged foods, choose a reliable brand of food for your cat and stick to it. If you like to make changes in your pet’s diet plan, do it gradually. Never give your cat harmful foods, such as raw eggs, onions, bones, pork, raw fish and chocolates. See to it that your kitten’s bowl is clean after every meal.


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