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how to stop diarrhea in kids

how to stop diarrhea in kids

Mild diarrhea can be treated at home with the right food intake and other supplements. But if your child is less than six months old, bring him or her to the doctor right away if there’s a high fever of at least 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Continuous vomiting and rejection of fluids are bad signs so you might as well go to the doctor at once. Administration of intravenous fluids might be needed to avoid dehydration. How to stop diarrhea in kids requires strict supervision. Consider the following strategies in caring for children:

  1. Never give antibiotics to your child if not prescribed by the doctor. Children have a good balance with bacteria in the digestive track. Self-recovery is evident with natural remedies except for bacterial infections such as salmonellosis. Antiparasitic medicines may also be given when parasites are detected to cause the condition. This will be determined by culturing the specimen, particularly the stool, to identify the bacteria present.

  2. Give only over-the-counter medicines when the pediatrician of your child recommends it for mild diarrhea or following the doctor’s orders.

    now the right dosage appropriate to the age of the child. Do not give more medicine before the recommended time interval if the diarrhea did not stop after the first dosage. Monitor the how frequent bowel movement and urination is.

  3. Give an oral rehydration solution, or ORS, for fluid replacement when the child is not yet dehydrated. Water alone cannot rehydrate children because it has no sodium and potassium content. It also lacks the minerals and nutrients needed to stop the condition. Fresh pineapple, apple, and carrot juices can be more tolerated by the child with diarrhea than plain water. Aside from being nutritious, they also taste good.

  4. Prepare high-fiber meals for the child that can easily be digested. Applesauce, boiled potatoes, cereals, and wheat bread are some good examples. Continue to nourish the child with the daily nutritious meals because this can help to condition the child internally as the condition is getting better. Plain rice with baked chicken without skin will give the child the energy needed.

  5. Do not allow sweets, chocolates, and fatty foods at this point until the condition stops. Try not to make your children get used to these kinds of foods. They are not good for both adults and children with diarrhea. Children who are not exposed to these snacks will not have the tendency to indulge in them during adulthood. Discipline them with the right kind of foods when they’re young. Remember that they have no nutritional value but are addictive.

Always make sure that your child’s hands are washed often to prevent germs from entering the mouth. As you may know, whatever children manage to grab, they always end up in their mouths. A hygienic dwelling will keep the young children from getting sick. Keep your household clean at all times; the same for the utensils and toys that children have access to. Preventing diarrhea is a lot easier than stopping it. How to stop diarrhea in kids is a burden to parents especially when the child is not cooperative. In case of severe diarrhea, do not wait until the child’s eyes are rolling back! Seek hospital admission at once if there’s no fluid intake because dehydration can kick in quickly. Rehydration and nourishment can only come through an IV at that time. The child will be monitored closely as well on an hourly basis. Worries will be less thus minimizing everyone’s stress.


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