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how to stop diarrhea in toddlers

how to stop diarrhea in toddlers

Diarrhea in toddlers is caused by a variety of conditions, such as viral infection, bacterial infection, food intolerances, food allergy, too much juice or even an ear infection. Since diarrhea brings so much discomfort, every mom should learn how to stop diarrhea in toddlers. Small children are more vulnerable to dehydration. If your kid has had watery stool for over 24 hours (more or less eight bowel movements within eight hours), stool containing mucus or blood, and recurring vomiting, it is recommended that you see your health care provider. Nearly one billion diarrhea cases occur every year in children. In America, rotavirus affects around five to 10 percent of all diarrhea occurrences in toddlers under the age of five. This virus accounts for around 27 thousand hospitalizations every year among kids. To avoid further complications, let us study the tips in easing diarrhea in children.

  1. Replace the lost electrolytes. This is to prevent dehydration. Allowing your child to drink special fluids is very effective in replacing the lost fluid, sodium and potassium.

    Three to four bottles of mixed and prepared Infalyte, Rehydralyte or Pedialyte can do so much in preventing dehydration. You can buy any of these over the counter in pharmacies and groceries.

    Common signs of dehydration include sunken abdomen, cheeks or eyes, frequent crying, irritability, dry mouth and dry tongue. Any of these signs call for immediate rehydration

  2. Change in diet. This may relieve diarrhea, although in many cases, it is good to feed your toddler as usual. Increasing the quantity of food given will help in keeping up with the lost nutrients due to diarrhea. However, a change in diet is still recommended; there are children who develop mild lactose intolerances.

    Although no particular diet is suggested, toddlers with diarrhea can tolerate bland foods. The Medline Plus at nlm.nih.gov suggested that bulking agents like starches, vegetables and fruits can help produce solid stool. In particular, increase the amount of fiber and fat in your kid’s diet. Bland foods, such as bread (plain or toast), crackers, strained carrots and chicken (no skin), are best in helping an upset stomach. Do not give fruit juice in the meantime, especially pear and apple juice.

  3. Introduce the BRAT diet. This diet, which includes “Banana, Rice, Applesauce and Toast,” can help toddlers recover from stomach problem caused by viruses. This diet is more effective if combined with crackers or dry toast since these foods are easy to digest. Also, a glass of fluid consisting of a pinch of salt and one teaspoon of sugar should be given to your toddler.

  4. Know what to continue. Fluid intake should not be restricted in toddlers suffering from diarrhea. For infants, continue bottle-feeding or breast-feeding. As much as possible, maintain regular breast-feeding. What is important is to keep your child hydrated.

  5. Know what to avoid. Foods high in sugar content should be avoided, especially if the cause of diarrhea is a stomach virus. Foods that are hard to digest, such as citrus fruit, dairy products and other similar dishes, should be avoided; they can only add to the stomach problem.

  6. Go for alternative therapies. Zinc supplementation is effective in children suffering from diarrhea, especially in babies over six months old. Also, giving probiotics can treat acute and infectious diarrhea. Probiotics can reduce the length or period of diarrheal symptoms by at least one day.

As explained on babycenter.com, you should know what’s normal for your kid. Children have different numbers of bowel movements every day. Impliedly, a loose stool should not be interpreted right away as diarrhea. However, when sudden changes in your kid’s bowel movement occur several times, follow the techniques on how to stop diarrhea in toddlers.


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