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how to stop diarrhea naturally

how to stop diarrhea naturally

Diarrhea may be common enough to seem benign but it is actually the leading cause of deaths in developing countries. Statistics show that it is also the main cause of mortality in infants around the world. The reality of it is that diarrhea should not be taken lightly. If untreated, it causes dehydration and other digestive complications that may be fatal, especially if patients live in places where sanitation is problematic and clean, drinking water is not easily available. Even though over-the-counter medicine is cheap and easily available nowadays, it is actually not the best way to deal with this digestive problem. To understand why, one must look into why one gets diarrhea and what happens to your system when you have it. Diarrhea is most often caused by viral infections or bacterial toxins that are taken in through bad or unsanitary food or drink.  When one of these elements get into your system, it interferes with your digestive process as it causes the colon (or large intestine) to inflame and renders it unable to properly digest food; more specifically, your organs fail to absorb water that your body needs.

This why you have watery and frequent bowel movements and why you suffer from dehydration when you have diarrhea. Drugs, like loperamide, are not the best way to deal with diarrhea because they prevent contractions, which your body needs to be able to do to get rid of the toxins, viruses or parasites that are causing your diarrhea. Given this, it is best to know how to stop diarrhea naturally to dispel the nasty cramps and restore your healthy digestive process without preventing your body from doing its job. Here are foods and remedies you can eat to stop diarrhea without using synthetic drugs:

  1. Activated carbon. This may sound a bit too unorthodox but activated carbon is actually a very good substance to use in dealing with toxins and other nasty diarrhea-causing organisms in your body. If you cannot find activated carbon in your area, burning a piece of white bread will actually do. Scrape off the black part; mix with boiled water and drink. Activated carbon is not for frequent intake though; it can also absorb vital minerals and vitamins your body needs.

  2. Garlic. This is also a good natural way to kill bacteria. It must be taken in raw. Mince (or directly chew) garlic by itself or with some edible leaf and get rid of the toxins and bacteria. Garlic also gets rid of inflammation and contains generous amounts of potassium, which aids the intestinal contractions. You can also drink garlic oil capsules if you cannot eat raw garlic.

  3. Ginger. This root bulb help alleviate pain from cramps brought by diarrhea. You can either chew or suck on it raw or boil it with water and drink.

  4. Lemon. A glass of freshly squeezed lemon (works best without water if you can endure the sourness) will work wonders in getting rid of the bacteria that’s causing havoc in your digestive system. It also works best when taken before meals.

  5. Water. Warm water helps in aiding digestion (as heat hastens the digestive process) and water prevents dehydration. Make sure to drink one glass for every waking hour until you feel better.

Knowing how to cure diarrhea naturally helps you deal with diarrhea without compromising the natural coping mechanisms of your digestive process. These remedies also target the heart of the matter, which is expelling the pathogens that’s causing the irregular and painful bowel movements. However, you must remember that diarrhea is a common symptom for several underlying conditions. Consulting a physician is always best, especially if the diarrhea does not respond to these treatments and is recurring.


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