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How to Stop Dog Aggression

How to Stop Dog Aggression

Having a dog for a pet is a joy, but problems may arise on occasion.  As part of being a responsible dog owner, you should know how to stop dog aggression. This may seem like a simple task, but it can cause some major problems if not addressed properly.  Here are pointers to consider:

  1. Find out what is causing your dog’s aggression and eliminate it. Perhaps it feels threatened, or maybe it is trying to protect its master from potential threats. In most cases, it may simply be misinterpreting the actions of other people. Not everyone appears friendly to a dog, especially strangers. It is a dog’s instinct to bark or even resort to biting when it senses danger. When trying to protect something like a bone from another dog or stranger, it can be aggressive. These are minor and understandable causes. All you need to do is assure your dog that the stranger will not cause any harm; the bone your dog is playing with won’t be taken away, or the neighbor who dropped by to say ‘hello’ really means well.

  2. Some breeds have the tendency to take the lead.

    sion in the face of eminent danger is a sign of leadership. It is important that you train your dog to be a follower and not the leader. Make sure your pet gets accustomed to the fact that you are the master and it is just the follower. Allowing it to act as the leader will make it stubborn, and it will begin to feel superior to you and other humans.

  3. Let your dog socialize a lot. Getting used to people will eliminate the need for any aggression. Your dog will be more relaxed when it gets used to human presence. Bring your pet to public places where it will see people from all walks of life. Let it get accustomed to seeing children too. Whenever possible, do not let people touch your pet right away; your dog must first be in a relaxed and friendly mood.

  4. Make sure you bring your dog to a veterinarian for a check-up. If your dog is in pain, irritable or depressed, it will be more prone to aggression. Ask for your vet’s advice on what to do in this particular circumstance. Professional advice is always good as it saves you time and effort.

  5. If your dog does not stop despite your stern commands, consider spraying it with water from a small sprayer. This will catch its attention and make it calm down. If it continues to be aggressive, don’t leave it without a leash. Aggression in dogs should be taken seriously as it could pose a threat to both dogs and humans.

  6. Have a good relationship with your pet dog. Give it lots of time and attention. Your dog needs these to feel secure. If your dog is confident of your love and affection, it will be less aggressive.

The efforts you exert on how to stop dog aggression are very important.  By following these steps, you will eliminate danger to your visitors, the mailman, delivery man or bill collectors when they happen to drop by your place. If your dog poses a serious risk to anyone who enters your yard, put up a sign that says “unruly dog, keep off”.


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