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How to Stop Dog Aggression Towards Other Dogs

How to Stop Dog Aggression Towards Other Dogs

You’re taking your dog on a walk around the neighborhood when you come across another dog. All of a sudden, your dog starts barking and growling in the direction of the other dog, tugging at his leash and trying to lunge. He calms down only when the other dog is completely out of sight. As a dog owner, you don’t want to tolerate your dog’s aggression towards other dogs. There are a couple of reasons why your dog would display aggression in this way. He is either threatened by or afraid of the other dog. No matter the reason, you can help your dog overcome this behavior. Here are four ways for how to stop dog aggression towards other dogs:

  1. Watch out for signs of aggression. To know if your dog has an aggressive tendency towards other dogs, look out for any growling, barking, or whining towards other dogs. You will also notice that his ears are pointing forward and that he is staring the other dog directly in the eye. Your dog’s hackles may be raised, and you will feel some straining on his leash. Whenever you see these symptoms present in your dog, you can conclude that your dog is exhibiting signs of aggression.

  2. Do not reward aggressive behavior. A reward does not only mean giving your dog treats or telling him that he is a good dog. When you take notice of your dog’s aggressive behavior and tell him to stop, in his eyes, you are simply giving him attention. He will continue doing it as long as you keep reprimanding him. Therefore, the best thing that you can do is to ignore his behavior and just avoid other dogs. Keep calm, and whenever you meet another dog, try to avoid looking at the dog and the owner. This way, your dog will learn that avoidance is better than confrontation. In addition to this, do not tug on his leash when you see another dog; just move away in a different direction, and he will follow.

  3. Desensitize your dog to the presence of other dogs. Before your dog can become comfortable with other dogs, try to stay away from other dogs first. When you walk your dog in the park, make sure that he is situated far enough away from other dogs that he will not feel threatened by them. Gradually get closer to them, while rewarding him for staying relaxed and being on his good behavior. When he starts to get aggressive, provide distractions such as letting your dog pick up rocks or sounding a whistle. If your dog continues to stare at another dog, pull his collar and break eye contact. Continue in this training and reward his good behavior until he learns to feel less threatened by other dogs.

  4. Associate meeting other dogs to positive things. When your dog has gotten used to the presence of other dogs, it is time for you to associate socializing with positive things. You can do this by letting him socialize with another dog of a passive nature, one who will not react to your dog’s aggression. Fit him with a collar and an extending leash as a precaution, but try to appear as relaxed as possible since your dog can detect your anxiety. You can also take him to a training club or join other owners who are walking their dogs.

It will take some time for you to train your dog, but knowing how to stop dog aggression towards other dogs can help him feel less threatened and more relaxed when in the company of other dogs. It will also benefit you as an owner since you will no longer worry too much about your dog’s bad behavior.


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