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How to Stop Dog Diarrhea

How to Stop Dog Diarrhea

It is important to learn how to stop dog diarrhea and to put this knowledge into action when your canine pet is affected. You can treat your dog at home, but if you notice that the dog is exhausted, agitated and frail, consult the veterinarian right away. Be prepared to learn that the diarrhea may be a symptom of another more serious disease. When the dog vomits and has bloody feces, it can never be a good sign. But the most crucial task is to find signs of dehydration like sticky gums or poor skin elasticity. You can help your dog by taking the following steps:

  1. Don’t waste time when there is sure proof that your dog is dehydrated. Mix an equal amount of Gatorade and unflavored Pedialyte in your dog’s water bowl. Administer this before going to the vet if the dehydration is serious or if your dog refuses to drink on its own. The dog will need the assistance of the vet to set-up an IV fluid transmission so that it can be immediately rehydrated. Your quick decisions are crucial, especially if your dog is still very young.

  2. Do not feel guilty about not letting your dog eat for between 12 and 24 hours when it is suffering from diarrhea.

    ogs are naturally used to fasting. This is also a way of letting its stomach rest. However, young canines or puppies should not fast beyond the 12-hour mark. Appropriate fasting is an effective method for detoxification. Resume plain meals after the ideal length of a no-food policy based on the dog’s age has passed.

  3. Prepare a plain or bland diet for a dog with diarrhea. This meal should consist mainly of softened boiled rice. Add a small portion of meat, for instance, pieces of chicken without bones and skin, or ground lean beef. Rice can help with water absorption in the digestive system. That will shape up the stools. The presence of some meat serves to attract the sensitive palate of the dog at this point in time.

  4. Slowly return to the dog’s regular diet after around 4 days of gradually decreasing the amount of the boiled-rice-and-meat meals. Do not change the dog’s diet abruptly because this can deteriorate its condition. Let the dog’s internal digestive system get used to the changes so that the recurrence of the diarrhea can be prevented. The key is to avoid upsetting its stomach. Also, monitor the consistency of the dog’s waste while calculating the gradual substitution from the watery bland diet to its normal meal.

  5. Do not rely on the above food remedies if your dog is weak, non-reactive and vomiting. Also, check the stool for some traces of blood. The diarrhea may not be caused by bad food that the dog happened to partake of out of curiosity or boredom. If it is caused by bacterial infection, only the veterinarian can give you the ideal cure for your dog. Also, if your dog is not drinking at all, it’s time for immediate IV-fluid administration by your vet.

If, even with your knowledge on how to stop dog diarrhea, the bland diet is ineffective, consider having your dog tested for the presence of parasites in its internal organs. Parvo and other viral infections can also affect young dogs. You should seek a vet’s diagnosis for these or for other diseases that may be behind the dog’s diarrhea. The diarrhea could easily be a symptom of a serious disease that your dog is suffering from. If this is the case, it would be better to detect it earlier rather than later.


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