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How to Stop Dog Vomiting

How to Stop Dog Vomiting

When a dog’s stomach is irritated, it is likely to resort to vomiting. There are some simple tips on how to stop dog vomiting that you can follow. They involve controlling the type and amount of dog food that you give to your pet. This advice is useful if your dog vomits only once in a while. However, if your dog has a regular habit of vomiting then you have a reason to take it to a vet for consultation. Vomiting can be a symptom of chronic or fatal diseases. You can make use of the following remedies to avoid bigger problems:

  1. Feed your dog dry foods in frequent installments instead of giving it one bulk meal. Dry pellets expand inside the dog’s stomach when they are exposed to liquids. Your dog will feel bloated and over-fed if you give them a large amount. Thus, it may vomit. It also helps to mix a portion of wet foods with some dry foods to minimize the expansion. You can also add some water to the dry foods before feeding your dog.

  2. Plan a gradual change from one kind of dog food to another.

    t may be a change in brand, in variety, or in recipe. If the vomiting continues, you can try withholding food from the dog in order to detoxify its digestive system. Start giving it soft foods, particularly boiled rice, after a 24-hour fasting period is over. Then you can slowly introduce the new dog food in small but frequent servings.

  3. Clear your dog’s dwelling of things that can negatively impact its planned diet. These may be contaminated water, materials that it can chew on, kitchen leftovers, garbage piles and anything else that it can eat accidentally.

  4. Make sure that the dog’s area is well-ventilated, especially during the summer when the heat can be intense. Bring the dog out to an area where it has access to fresh air. It should be exposed to the open air, but it should also be a sheltered area within your property. This is important because the hot weather can also contribute to your dog’s vomiting.

  5. Do not stress your dog with too much activity. You can take it for a morning walk on a leash or take it out when it has to go potty. Refrain from long drives and avoid visiting many households or places within one week.

  6. Keep track of the dog’s condition as far as vomiting is concerned by using a small block of ice. Encourage the dog to eat it or lick it and see if it’s comfortable doing that or can’t tolerate its coldness. You will know that your dog feels good if it appears to enjoy the feel of the ice or plays with it gleefully.

  7. Offer your dog its normal meal alternately with the soft foods. This will progressively bring it back to its normal diet. It can start by drinking water first after not vomiting for around 6 hours. Then you can proceed to give it its first portion of regular food after the 12th hour of not vomiting has elapsed.

Do not panic if your dog vomits occasionally, it may be getting rid of some toxins inside its body and just cleaning its system up. The above tips on how to stop dog vomiting are most suitable if you notice that your dog is vomiting a little too often. Don’t deny your dog medical attention if you feel that, aside from vomiting, it’s too weak to function. Even if you find out that your dog has no underlying condition, going to the vet for consultation is helpful for your peace of mind.


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