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How to Stop Dogs from Barking

How to Stop Dogs from Barking

Barking dogs can really be annoying, but this is their way of making it known to you that there is a stranger in your backyard, that an animal who doesn’t live there is in sight or other different things that might be very important to your safety. Unfortunately, there are times when dogs bark for no particular reason at all, which is really disturbing. Here are tips on how to stop dogs from barking to assure you of sound sleep:

  1. Dogs that bark for no apparent reasons are showing a sign of anxiety. Be sensitive to your dog’s condition and needs and find out what is causing this.  It could be that it is bored. Aside from that, it is probably experiencing some pain or its living conditions are not good. Try to remedy the situation one step at a time. Its loud barking is definitely not good for you and your family because it is noise pollution.  You can expect complaints from your nearest neighbors when this happens.

  2. Teach your dogs some commands to stop barking. This will show it that you are not happy with what it is doing.

    dogs are man’s best friend, they are sensitive and have a special bond with human companions and understand authority. Make it known to the dog that you want it to stop barking when you say the words “no” or “stop” or call its name with authority. You need not show anger as this will just add to its confusion or anxiety. Prior to this, make sure that the barking is not a means of communicating with you - that something unusual needs your immediate attention.

  3. Make sure that your area is not inviting the entry of stray animals as dogs have a tendency to incessantly bark at them. Stray animals move fast when dogs bark at them, and you might not know the barking was caused by their intrusion. Make your fence secure so your dog will not feel threatened by the presence of these animals.

  4. Spare some time with your dog to walk around your neighborhood as a form of exercise. Occasionally let it run free, but make sure it is within your sight. Teach it to come back to you by just calling its name so you do not have to run after it. This activity will make the dog a happy pet as it knows you are spending time and attention on it. A healthy and happy dog barks less and will give you peace and quiet when you need rest yourself.

  5. When your dog continues to bark despite doing all of the above, consult a vet whose expertise is behavioral or animal psychology. Ask for his advice on how to handle your dog’s unnecessary barking.

How to stop dogs from barking requires your patience and understanding.  These pets need our utmost love and care. Be assured that your efforts are reciprocated as they are very loyal and loving pets. This is the reason why dogs are popular household pets.


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