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How to Stop Hair from Falling Out

How to Stop Hair from Falling Out

Gorgeous hair does not really require designer hair care products or expensive salon treatments. All you need to keep your hair healthy is to handle it right. Men and women can suffer from hair loss at one time or another, especially since we all live at a time when stress levels are high and celebrity hairstyles are in. Figuring out how to stop hair from falling out does not necessarily involve a lot of money or a visit to the priciest salon in the city. On the contrary, it requires you to take your hair care routine down a notch. It’s normal to lose a hundred or more hair strands per day. All the hair strands on your scalp will eventually reach maturity and fall off. Luckily, new growths take their place so that the overall volume of your hair remains relatively unchanged. However, if you notice heavier shedding than usual or observe sparse areas of hair on your head, then it’s time to take action. Below are some ways to help stop hair loss.

  1. Avoid harsh hair procedures, such as dyeing, bleaching, or perming, as much as you can. Frequent chemical treatments can take a toll on your crowning glory.

    nlike skin cells that get a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients from the blood, the hair shaft is actually made up of dead keratinous material, except at the roots. This means that hair doesn’t really have the ability to repair damage, so harsh chemical procedures can easily break down its structure and turn it dry and brittle. If you must undergo any hair procedures, space them as far apart as possible. Heat styling on a daily basis will eventually fry your hair, just like backcombing or coloring. Your hair stylist should know that repeat perm jobs, straightening, or coloring should only be for the untreated part of the hair, not for part that has already been processed.

  2. Make the switch to organic hair care products. Most shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients that your hair will be better off without. Sulfates and SLS (the stuff that makes shampoo lather up richly) should be minimized as much as possible.

  3. Wash your hair regularly, but make sure to handle it carefully. After washing, never rub your hair with a towel. Use gentle squeezing motions instead. Microfiber towels can whisk excess water away from your hair so that it will dry much faster.

  4. Don’t brush your hair when wet; it can easily break. Wait until your stands are half-dry before working out the tangles using a wide-toothed comb. Use a hair detangling product so that snags and knots don’t have to break off. When combing or brushing your hair, start untangling towards the ends rather than at the roots.

  5. Let your hair and scalp “breathe” as much as possible. Pulling your hair tightly back day after day can result in bald spots because of the tension on the hair roots. This is called traction alopecia, and it can be easily prevented. Wearing tight-fitting headgear like ball caps and bonnets is also not advised since it traps moisture in the scalp area and encourages bacterial and fungal growth.

Knowing how to stop hair from falling out can be very useful in maintaining your good looks. When you are more confident about your appearance, you face the world in a positive manner and become more open to exploring things that can lead to new opportunities. Sure, it may be just hair, but you only have to experience one great hair day to realize how even small things can make your day more enjoyable.


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