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How to Stop Hair Loss

How to Stop Hair Loss

Everyone should learn how to stop hair loss to ensure hair that stays long and luxuriant. It is never too early to start caring for hair; waiting until problems crop up could be disastrous. Hair care is really quite simple. Here, you’ll find tips for minimizing hair breakage and hair loss. Hair loss may be caused by a lot of factors. Poor diet, lack of sleep and inadequate rest, stress, vitamin deficiency, some medications, genes, poor hair care habits, etc., may cause hair to fall off. Most of these causes are preventable, so you should avoid them in order to preserve your hair. Where the cause is beyond your control, such as genes, you could still make the most in taking care of your remaining hair so that you don’t cause more damage. When the hair loss is caused by a reaction to medication, however—as often happens with chemotherapy and the like—there is nothing you can do to prevent it, but the gain to your health is well worth the sacrifice, and your hair will eventually grow back. Then you can apply the tips here, as well.

  1. Take good care of your hair.

    seems obvious, but not many people actually bother to learn how to care for hair until they start to notice that more and more of their hair is falling off. The first thing is to be gentle with hair. Hair growing out of the body is made up of dead cells. If you damage it, it cannot heal. Rough combing and toweling; hairdos like cornrows, dreadlocks, flat twists; frequent application of heat; poor hygiene; tight and sharp hair accessories, such as bare metal clips and rubber elastics; and chemical processes like straightening, rebond, perms all damage hair, sometimes beyond repair. Once hair becomes weak and starts breaking off, there’s no stopping it. At most, you can gently care for the remaining hair to prevent the problem from affecting the new growth.

  2. Take time for treatments. Scalp massages, hot oil treatments, and deep conditioning may seem like a luxurious indulgence. They actually are not. If you have a problem with hair loss and want to keep your hair healthy, these treatments are not mere pampering; they’re necessary. Give your scalp a good massage while shampooing to improve circulation on the scalp. Give hair a weekly hot oil treatment at home. You can use plain olive oil or even baby oil. Apply it on your hair, more on the scalp—don’t forget the massage—less on the hair shaft; let it stay; wrap hair in a shower cap or cling wrap; then on that, wrap a towel that’s been wet with hot water and wrung out; leave on for five to 15 minutes; and then rinse off in very cold water. Every two weeks, apply a deep conditioning treatment using the same methods above. These treatments are available at any grocery aisle; just make sure you get one that is appropriate for your type of hair. Giving your hair good and regular treatments will ensure that it stays in optimum condition, thus making it stronger and less prone to falling off.

  3. Take your health seriously. Hair reflects the general condition of the body. Ill-health, fatigue, stress, all show up in hair. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies will make hair dull and lifeless. Eat right, exercise regularly, get adequate rest and relaxation, and your hair will thank you by looking good and lustrous.

The best way to prevent hair loss is to ensure that your hair remains healthy. You do that by following the tips above on how to stop hair loss.


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