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how to stop heavy menstrual bleeding

how to stop heavy menstrual bleeding

Have you been suffering from excessive and heavy menstrual bleeding? That kind of monthly, painful experience is called menorrhagia, which is primarily caused by hormonal imbalances in the body or due to the uterine fibroids occurring during menstruation. Aside from the severe abdominal pain you feel, take note if your period lasts longer than seven days reoccurring blood clots. If all these signs are present, then you should know how to stop heavy menstrual bleeding in the fastest way possible.

  1. Relax your body. When you are going through menstrual bleeding, the first thing to do is to flatten your body over your bed and elevate both legs. You can put pillows underneath your legs. While in bed, put a cold compress on top of your abdomen. Just relax your body completely. If you feel sleepy, then sleep.

  2. Control your physical movements. Avoid heavy workloads so you don’t trigger the flow of your menstrual blood. Never lift heavy objects at home because that will only worsen your bleeding condition.

    Inasmuch as possible, avoid quick movements that may strain your body.

  3. Use lady’s mantle herb tea. This medicinal herb is widely used by specialists practicing phytotherapy, particularly in giving out medication for women during their menstrual cycle. This herb is proven to have higher tannins content, which reduces bleeding. The tannins can likewise relieve you from cramps and other abdominal pains.

    Get a cup of hot water, and pour at least one tablespoon of lady’s mantle. If you like, you can add a little honey. Mix thoroughly and drink it. After a while, you can expect to feel better and the bleeding will gradually subside.

  4. Drink Salvia officinalis or garden sage. This is also known as common sage. You can grow the sage at home or buy it at a nearby organic store. This kind of herb is known to be very effective in preventing blood clotting. In your cup of hot water, add one tablespoon of garden sage, and then mix well. Allow your mixture to steep for three to five minutes and then drink it. If you have taken your lady’s mantle cup of tea earlier, you should wait for another 30 minutes before ingesting this garden sage.

  5. Drink shepherd’s purse tea. This weedy and white-flowered herb that grows with four-armed cross is very effective in preventing all forms of bleeding, including excessive menstrual period and nosebleeds. The anti-hemorrhagic capacity of this herb remains the same when taken externally or internally.

    For internal use, add one tablespoon of shepherd’s purse to ½ cup of hot water. Let it steep for three to five minutes, and then drink it. Should the other herbs fail to alleviate the pain and reduce the bleeding, you can maximize the relieving effects of the shepherd’s purse by drinking it every hour, preferably on an empty stomach.

    For external use, mix shepherd’s purse with cold water and utilize it as cold compress over your abdomen. You can also apply it on skin scratches or on open wounds using cotton balls.

  6. Drink ashoka bark powder with milk. The ashoka bark is very beneficial in maintaining proper functioning of the female reproductive system. When the excessive bleeding is due to a fibroid tumor, just combine the powder with hot water. Take it in three to four separate doses until you notice that your bleeding lessens.

  7. Drink banana flower mix with curd. Apart from the fact that banana flower is rich in Vitamins C and A, it is also believed to be a strong pain reliever during menstruation. Lactating mothers can also eat cooked banana flower because it acts as a lactating agent. While many Asian countries are using the whole of banana flower as part of their recipes, the same can be steamed or cooked and then combined with a glass of curd. Drink it to minimize your blood flow.

  8. Drink coriander seed with sugar. This herb, also called as cilantro, can greatly reduce the level of menstrual bleeding. It may be used as dried seeds or prepared as roasted snacks. To relieve pain, boil coriander seeds and slowly drink the hot water as it is. For more of a taste, you can add sugar or honey.

The National Women’s Health Resources Center reported that a regular menstrual cycle should run five to seven days at most. If the bleeding period exceeds the maximum days, and you feel fatigued, tiredness and shortness of your breath, any of the tips that we have enumerated on how to stop heavy menstrual bleeding should work for you. If the pain continues and you feel there are no changes on the extent of your bleeding, you should see a doctor for proper medical attention.


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