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How to Stop Neighbor’s Dogs from Barking

How to Stop Neighbor’s Dogs from Barking

Dogs are lovable pets and we like to care for them like they are our best friends. We feed, take care of them and play with them as it is a joy to be doing these things. But dogs do have a negative side. They sometimes bark at the wrong times - when you want to sleep, when you want peace and quiet or when you are having a really bad day. It is even worse when it is not your own dog that is making all the noise. Here are suggestions on how to stop neighbor’s dogs from barking:

  1. In case you have other pets at home like a cat, goat or monkey - don’t position them where they are very near and visible to your neighbor’s dogs.

  2. In case you have a good relationship with your neighbor, ask them to take their dog to a vet to see if something is wrong with it. It may be suffering from anxiety, which is causing its barking.

  3. If you are not on speaking terms with your neighbor, try asking for the help of third parties like your homeowner’s association or community leaders, so they can inform your neighbor to act on the problem of their barking dog.

    is best to request that your complaint be kept anonymous to avoid any friction in your relationship as neighbors.

  4. Try using products that when switched on, dogs can hear but people cannot. It is like a frequency that will be disturbing to the dog and will make it stop barking. It is also important that you use a technical gadget that will not be harmful to your neighborÂ’s dog.

  5. Should all the above methods fail, you can consider making a complaint to the authorities. Of course a barking dog complaint will not be their priority and will only be acted upon when there are not many serious matters to attend to, but at least there will be a complaint on record. You can also keep a logbook of the time, date and length of time the neighborÂ’s dog is barking. You can use this record when you opt to file a formal complaint later.

  6. Should there be an animal welfare center in your area, you can also report the matter of the rampant barking of your neighborÂ’s dogs. Also report that you have noticed that your neighbor is not doing anything to remedy this. Again, you can make your complaint anonymous to avoid problems with the dogÂ’s owner.

  7. Your final recourse would then be to transfer to another location to avoid the inconvenience. If you resort to filing a formal complaint, the friction between you and your neighbor will be an added discomfort. Never resort to doing anything bad to the dog or to your neighbor. It is still best to live in peace and not have the need to watch your back.

Making efforts on how to stop neighbor’s dogs from barking will not be easy.  Aside from being disturbed and annoyed by the noise, it will make you feel very disgusted with your neighbor’s apathetic attitude.


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