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How to Stop Pimples Forever

How to Stop Pimples Forever

When you've managed to stamp out those pesky red bumps on your face, the reprieve often lasts only a few days or a week or two before they come back. When this happens, you may wonder about how to stop pimples forever. To get the answers you're looking for, check out these tips:

  1. The key to zapping those zits forever is a commitment to following an excellent skin care regimen. Without this, you can expect pimples to revisit you every now and then. That's because blemishes are basically caused by bacteria buildup, overproduction of sebum or oils, and irregular skin cell shedding. You can easily avoid the former with consistent and proper hygiene and skin care.

  2. Wash your face twice a day. This helps ensure your pores are clear of excess oil and dirt. Use a mild, non-comedogenic cleanser appropriate for your skin type. Avoid formulas containing harsh chemicals, as they may dry out your skin and trigger the overproduction of oil, which leads to pimple formation.

  3. Get enough sleep every day.

    Lacking shut eye can influence stress, which is a known pimple trigger. You are also more likely to eat greasy, salty, or sweet food—which can also promote blemishes—when you're sleep deprived.

  4. Clean up your diet and avoid food rich in simple carbohydrates (those made with refined flour) and sugar. The latter can influence androgen levels, the imbalance of which results in acne. Go for low-sugar, low glycemic index foods to keep those bumps at bay. You can still eat chocolate, but make sure you pick dark chocolate, which contain less sugar.

  5. Avoid oily and processed foods, as they contain a number of ingredients that may trigger allergies or the overproduction of skin oils.

  6. An allergy to dairy products may trigger the appearance of pimples, as some may have hormones that trigger zit production. Therefore, it's wise to avoid milk, cheese, ice cream, and other dairy foods.

  7. Eat foods or supplements that boost your immune system and promote healing to prevent acne. Zinc and probiotics can help do just that.

  8. Drink a lot of water to aid digestion and help your body flush out toxins. You'll also need to eat fiber-rich food to enhance the digestive process and help your body cleanse itself. Eating yellow and green veggies not only boosts your fiber intake, but it also lessens skin inflammation and congestion.

  9. In some instances, a hormonal imbalance can cause pimples. To prevent this, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. For men, weight lifting helps boost testosterone levels, so this kind of workout can prevent hormonal acne. For women, birth control pills may help correct the imbalance, depending on your doctor’s assessment. You can use saw palmetto to lessen the occurrence of bad hormones that may cause your skin to break out.

Remember that a crucial aspect of learning how to stop pimples forever is committing to a healthy lifestyle that supports hormonal balance and keeps your skin in the pink of health from the inside out.


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