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How to Stop Pimples from Growing

How to Stop Pimples from Growing

A pimple is unwelcome. It is itchy and sometimes painful. It catches people’s attention because it is red and inflamed. But it doesn’t stop there. A pimple can become a zit—a big pimple—and the problems magnify. Worse, the zit can have pus or green ooze inside; which looks gross. The presence of pus indicates that your skin is trying to clear out the toxins trapped in it. If your efforts at preventing pimples have failed, try these tips on how to stop pimples from growing.

  1. Keep things away from your face

    Given the fact that dirt and oil trapped in the pores cause pimples, keeping your face clean is crucial to stopping and preventing pimple growth. Cut your hair short or wear a headband to keep your hair away from your face. Hair has natural oils that can get on the face and clog pores. Also, break the habit of touching your face. Even if your hands are clean, the oils from your hand get on your face. These habits can be as simple as holding your face in your hands when frustrated or thinking. This also includes picking at or squeezing pimples.

    s is not advisable because the pimples will become more inflamed and result in scarring. It can also lead to an infection from dirty fingers. Lastly, make sure that the things you cannot keep away from your face, like a pillow or a phone, are clean.

  2. Treat pimples regularly

    Starting a skincare routine to treat pimples keeps them from growing. Use gentle cleansers, toners, and moisturizers that contain pimple-fighting ingredients, such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Soap that contains sulfur also helps combat pimples. Wash your face twice a day only; any more causes the skin to overproduce sebum or oil, which promotes pimple production. Do not rub pimples too hard, or else the inflammation will worsen. To exfoliate the skin, you can apply lemon juice, which also kills bacteria and helps unclog the pores.

    You might be tempted to put on more makeup to hide your pimples. While most dermatologists advise against using makeup on pimple-prone areas, they allow makeup that contains pimple-fighting ingredients and are non-comedogenic. The latter term means that the product is specifically designed to let your skin breathe and doesn’t clog pores.

  3. Detoxify

    Sometimes, pimples are your body’s way of trying to get rid of toxins. Take steps to clean out your body from the inside out. Drink more water and avoid caffeinated drinks like sodas and coffee. You can start drinking warm lemon juice after waking up and before eating. Sweat out the impurities from your skin by exercising or at a sauna or hot spring.

    Eating healthy and avoiding processed food also helps clear skin. If you notice a breakout after eating certain foods, it may be your body’s reaction to the food. For example, those who are sensitive to dairy may get pimples after drinking milk every day. So take care to avoid any food products that trigger acne.

When your pimples keep growing despite having followed the steps above on how to stop pimples from growing, feel free to go to a dermatologist. The dermatologist can prescribe stronger medication, such as Retin-A, which has shown to be quite effective against pimples.


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