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how to stop seizures

how to stop seizures

Seizures or epilepsy should not be taken lightly. These disorders can be devastating when not controlled properly. They occur whenever the brain is overloaded and, in effect, the brain sends out multiple conflicting signals. When that happens, the muscles throughout the body will contract uncontrollably which will result in convulsion and repetitive body movements. The best way to arm yourself is to learn how to stop seizures so further complications can be avoided. The known causes of seizures include: abnormal levels of glucose in the blood, irregular sodium, brain injury, head injury, heart disease, high fever, heat illness, liver problems, kidney failure, stroke, use of illegal, street drugs, and withdrawal from Benzodiazepines like Valium. As explained in the Mayo Clinic’s website, at least 1 of every 100 persons in America experiences seizures. Since seizure attacks can bring discomfort and a risk of injury, you should be familiar with your condition so you won’t hurt yourself any further. To overcome seizure attacks, whether mild or severe, read on below:

  1. Don’t panic.

    k for assistance immediately. The one assisting should remove all objects near the patient to avoid injury. Take off the headwear, loosen collars, remove ties, and place a cushion or pillow beneath the head. When the patient starts to vomit during the attack, roll his or her body to the left or right to avoid choking. The time element is very crucial because the attack is not supposed to last over five minutes. If after five minutes the patient has not recovered yet, call 9-1-1 and ask for medical help.

  2. Know the don’ts. Do not restrain the patient’s movements. Since a seizure can never cause the patient to swallow his or her own tongue, there is no need to insert anything into the patient’s mouth. Better not to touch the mouth at all. Never give liquid like water or juice or any medication until the patient has fully recovered and is, therefore, conscious of the surroundings.

  3. Practice diaphragmatic breathing. This approach is more on breathing control. As explained in normalbreathing.com, better breathing control prevents or stops seizure attacks naturally. Start the exercise as soon as you notice that a symptom is setting in. When breathing becomes deeper and irregular, keep your focus since your goal is to breathe less. Relax your body in an armchair and breathe slowly through the nose. Inhale using the diaphragm, and then count for three seconds and exhale.

    Since this exercise reduces breathing, you will have a hunger for air and desire to breathe even more. This air hunger, which is likely to occur anywhere between 10 to 20 seconds after starting the exercise, will improve the level of carbon dioxide in your brain and blood. When this happens, the overexcited nerve cells will calm down until they are restored to a normal condition.

  4. Maintain nasal breathing 24/7. Breathing through the mouth can only worsen the effect of seizures. Practice for yourself in maintaining nasal breathing 24 hours a day 7 days a week, especially when you are asleep, doing physical exercises, or speaking. This manner of breathing can prevent a seizure long before you get to notice any symptoms.

  5. Learn to stop seizures while sleeping. The very crucial technique which prevents seizure attacks during nighttime sleeping is maintaining good, nasal breathing. Other than that, avoid using warm blankets. Since you need to have a high level of oxygen, do not eat just before you go to sleep. If necessary, sit down in an armchair and sleep in a sitting position.

It is a great idea to read stories of others and learn how to stop seizures. Many have been successful in their attempt to prevent seizure attacks. Find people online who are more than willing to share their ideas, experiences, and how they manage to control seizures. You might be surprised to find out that some of them are already seizure-free. Also, read books that explain how to control seizures naturally. Combine all that you have heard and learned and apply them to stop seizure attacks.


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