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How to Stop Seizures in Dogs

How to Stop Seizures in Dogs

It is so sad watching your dog have a seizure. They are so helpless in that situation and all you can do is just wait for it to stop. If you want to further be of help to your pet, there are ways to somehow shorten the episode or just make it safe during the attack - therefore it is important to know how to stop seizures in dogs as your pet will greatly benefit from this. It will cut short its suffering and avoid any damage to its physical and mental well-being. Read on for some important guidelines to follow:

  1. Put an ice pack at the dog’s back specifically at the lower mid-section. Other areas have been tried by veterinarians but this is the most effective part. So if your dog had some incidents of seizure, chances are - it might happen again.  It would be wise to keep a ready ice pack in your freezer. You can just use a zip lock plastic container - the size should be just right to cover the area mentioned. When the seizure stopped, you can remove the ice pack and give your dog water to drink. They are disoriented after an episode and would not be able to go to its feeding bowl.

    et it rest or if it is capable to walk, lead it outside for some fresh air. Feed your pet with a small quantity of food first to let it gain back some energy. It is best to bring your dog for a checkup with your veterinarian to find out what caused the seizure.

  2. Another way is at the onset of a seizure, give your dog a bear hug and rub its back vigorously. Slow down the rubbing as it relaxes. Say some reassuring and gentle words as the dog’s nerves will relax when your dog hears your soft and gentle voice. As you give your dog a bear hug, make sure your hands are not anywhere near its mouth. Unintentionally, your dog might bite you as sometimes they are out of control when the seizure is ongoing. Advise your household companions to do the same as it is a danger to get bitten by a dog on seizure. Again, have your dog checked by your veterinarian and ask for medication if needed.

  3. Consent the vet to give your dog valium or Phenobarbital which can definitely relax your dog’s nerves when the seizures are frequent. Ask for a prescription from your veterinarian for the medications needed. Self -medication is not good as a mistake in the dosage can make your dog suffer more. Some seizures are symptoms of some canine diseases such as diabetes, liver, heart ailment and epilepsy. The main cause should be treated first to avoid another occurrence which is really quite scary. Just remember to keep calm as you will not be able to help your dog if you panic. Assure your dog that everything will be fine to calm its nerves and eventually stop the seizure.

Given the above suggestions, knowing how to stop seizures in dogs is really a great help for your pet. Your dog may not be in pain but the discomfort of an attack is really traumatic for your pet. Some are left so tired and disoriented after the attack. In some cases, temporary blindness is experienced which makes it more scary and uncomfortable for your dear pet. Make sure you are right beside your dog as sometimes seizures reoccurs in just after a short while. Protect it especially its head so it won’t hit any hard object when it is having another seizure. Clear the place from any obstruction to keep the dog safer.


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