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How to Stop your Bird from Biting

How to Stop your Bird from Biting

Biting is a defense mechanism for birds when threatened by people. However, there are other reasons why they bite. Examine their behavior and find ways and how to stop your bird from biting. Read the following causes and possible solutions:

  1. Provide them with proper care and affection. Set up a comfortable place for them to live in. It is the most rewarding thing for you to do for your pet. Providing them with a comfortable cage will give them enough sleep and security. Nurture them with the right foods and adequate water to drink to help them grow healthy and strong. They are fun to play and interact with if they are not irritable. Take the opportunity to teach them some skills as part of their routine.  In due time, they will become happy and cooperative birds.

  2. Establish eye contact with your bird when it needs to be transferred to its cage. You may have to hold it and carry it with your bare hand, so do this without getting yourself bitten by the bird. Grab a nice toy or object to catch its attention.

    Using your left hand, expose the toy and catch the bird with your right hand. Look into the bird’s eyes when commanding it to step on your finger. The toy should be there as a diversion, just in case it loses its eye contact with you. Keep uttering “very good or good bird” when it’s behaving continuously while following your command. If the bird wanted to bite, it would rather bite the object you are holding. Just make sure not to use harmful baits for your pet.

  3. Be consistent. Birds need to be trained consistently to follow routines. Pick the best time of the day, while the bird is in good mood. Keep surprising it with a treat or an enjoyable toy to play with. They need constant attention. Sometimes a bird may bite if it feels ignored.

  4. Do not scare the birds. Fear is a common cause of biting. The transition from one place to the other is a big aspect to consider. The birds will bite you when you attempt to get closer, especially when they are new to their environment. It is their common reaction when threatened by your presence.  They are afraid of living in a new cage or in a house with too much noise. If they are not comfortable with their environment, they will not easily trust humans. Let them adjust and get used to you and your family by taking turns in providing for their needs.

  5. Be patient in captivating your birds’ trust. While the birds are still young, keep touching them to get them used to having physical contact with you. They need to experience a gentle touch, taste a delightful meal and experience an enjoyable toy by feeling its texture. Reward them with treats for the good responses.  It’s nice to see a tamed bird resting on your hand or shoulder - but training must start early. If biting becomes a regular habit for your bird, make some positive changes immediately. Birds do not understand humans’ actuations and biting is their way of telling you that things are not right.

How to stop bird from biting requires patience and understanding. Do not be easily discouraged when your pet has bitten you. It takes time to train birds and to make adjustments in creating a relationship that works for both of you.


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