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How to Stop Your Dog from Barking

How to Stop Your Dog from Barking

How to stop your dog from barking can be one of the most seemingly difficult tasks simply because barking is an innate behavior of your dog.  This is his way of communicating and getting your attention. However, there is an extent to what is acceptable and appropriate barking. There are a lot of reasons why a dog barks excessively, however, some of these causes may be addressed and controlled by you. Medical conditions, isolation, fright and threatened territory are some of the causes of extreme barking and howling in your dog. The tips presented in this article can help you correct this undesirable behavior in your dogs.

  1. Visit a veterinarian in your neighborhood. This is the first thing you need to do to rule out any medical condition that your dog may be suffering from. Make sure that you are taking care of a healthy dog and his unfavorable behavior is not caused by fractured bones or any internal problem. Provide him with adequate care, attention and supplements.

  2. Exercise with your dog.

    Spend time to play games like throw and catch with your dog. This is a good exercise for your dog to stay active, aside from his normal walks to the community park. Through daily exercise, you take his boredom away, which is another cause of extreme barking. This will surely keep your dog quiet as he will be too tired to even bark after exercise and play time.

  3. Control his surroundings. If the reason for barking is because he sees people or other animals passing by outside or he is frightened by the sound of thunder, stop his barking by confining him in a room away from windows and doors. But do this only for a short period of time in a day or until the rain stops. Leaving him in an isolated place for more than the required period can only cause trouble. Provide dog food, treats or toys he can play with to divert his attention when inside the room.

  4. Apply maximum tolerance to your dog. This way of stopping your dog may be unlikely for you, especially when your dog seeks your attention. However, giving in to what he wants from you is only telling him that endless barking is okay. This is not helping your dog to stop his behavior. The rest of the family must do this too so there can be consistency in stopping and reprimanding your dog.  As much as possible, look his way or pick him up only when he stops barking and howling. This will also tell your dog who is the master. Give him treats only when he acts properly.

  5. Let the dog know when to stop barking. The moment he starts barking uncontrollably, immediately correct him. Do not wait for another 30 minutes or an hour as he may think that he can do this for as long as he wants. The longer you wait to discipline the dog, the harder it will be to reinforce it. One word command like ‘stop’ should keep him quiet.

  6. Allow your dog to socialize with other dogs in your neighborhood. Dogs are sociable and engaging animals.  So let him engage and have friendly encounters with the other dogs as this can veer him away from feeling threatened. Let him be comfortable in dealing and playing with other pets in your neighborhood.

You do not want a message from your neighbors telling you to keep your dog quiet, so it is highly important that you learn how to stop your dog from barking. By doing so, you will promote a harmonious relationship in the community.


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