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How to Stop your Dog from Shedding

How to Stop your Dog from Shedding

Shedding is a part of your dog’s natural cycle. It usually occurs right before or during the summer as a result of the change in temperature at this time of the year. As the weather becomes warmer, your dog will shed his winter undercoat so that that he can have a lighter coat in the coming warm months. Although shedding occurs in all dogs, it is more obvious in dogs that have thick coats, such as Malamutes and Newfoundlands. You cannot totally put a stop to the shedding process, but if excessive shedding bothers you a lot and causes an inconvenience, here are some ways for how to stop your dog from shedding:

  1. Groom your pet. Grooming does not necessarily mean you have to spend extra money to regularly take your dog to a grooming salon. Simply brushing your dog’s fur often can help get rid of dead hair even before it falls off. Brushing your dog’s hair can also distribute natural hair oils so that his fur will stay healthy. Your choice of grooming tools can also make a difference. Use brushes and combs that are appropriate for your dog’s coat type and length.

  2. Bathe your dog regularly. When you give your dog regular baths, you are letting loose hair fall into the tub rather letting it fall randomly throughout the house. It is best to give baths during the summer because of the hot weather. Just beware that too much bathing can make your dog’s skin dry, so use an oatmeal shampoo to rejuvenate his coat. You should also consult your veterinarian for a bathing schedule that is suitable for your dog.

  3. Control fleas and allergies. Flea problems and allergies cause your dog to scratch more, thus shedding even more fur. Make sure that you keep your dog flea-free to prevent excessive shedding as well as to make him comfortable. Once again, if your dog is suffering from allergies or flea problems, consult your vet to find out what products you can use for your dog.

  4. Give your dog a quality diet. Your dog’s coat reflects what you feed him. Therefore, a healthy diet is essential if you want your dog’s fur to not shed too much and to stay healthy and shiny. Look for dog foods that are excellent sources of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Do not settle for cheap dog food as it is usually just made up of fillers that do not provide the nutrition that your dog needs. You can also add human-grade foods, such as eggs and raw meats, to your dog’s diet to keep his coat healthy and moisturized.

  5. Give omega-3 supplements. Omega-3 is not just beneficial for humans; it is also good for most pets, including dogs. Aside from giving your dog a better diet, giving omega-3 supplements will help control shedding by decreasing dandruff and controlling skin inflammation, thereby resulting in an improved coat texture.

  6. Keep up with regular veterinary checkups. Although it is natural for your dog to shed hair, excessive shedding may also be a result of certain skin illnesses, nutritional problems, or endocrine diseases. You can only know this for sure if you take your pet to the vet for regular checkups. This will help you identify the problem early on and proceed to the treatment process right away.

Knowing how to stop your dog from shedding is important if you are bothered by all the hair and fur that your dog leaves on the carpet, couch, or mattress at home. Because it can also be a symptom of certain diseases, taking prompt action will ensure that your dog will stay healthy and happy for a long time.


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