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how to store Christmas lights

how to store Christmas lights

When the Christmas holiday comes to an end it’s time for the removal and storage of all the Christmas decorations that you set up in preparation for the festive season, including the lights. Putting them up was quite a challenge, but if you know how to put them up then you also should know how to remove them and how to store Christmas lights properly. Christmas lights can bring so much life to Christmas decorations. The twinkling lights have the power to brighten our moods. But removing these, with the possibility of untangling them, can be annoying. Those long strands, with the bulbs sticking out, are a formula tangled frustration. You can definitely avoid this if you deal with the removal and storage properly. The following steps may help you organize and preserve your Christmas lights for many more Christmases. This is particularly true, especially when you have really good ones that are meant to be used again and again. These do not come cheap but they will be worth it if all you have to do is put them out and decorate again. No more buying! Here are the steps to do it successfully.

  1. The first thing to do is to remove the lights. When removing the lights from the Christmas tree, first remove the ornaments, and then slowly, from the bottom, reach for the end of the light strand. Carefully remove the strand from the branches, going round and round until it’s completely detached from the tree.

  2. For outside lights, first take the clips off one by one, to free the cords of the Christmas lights. Do not pull the cord without taking the clips out. It may damage your light strands.

  3. Plug it in before putting them away, to make sure that all the bulbs are still working. If there are busted bulbs, remove them and either replace them or cover them with electrical tape. Check to make sure it is still usable and worth storing.

  4. Lay the strings of lights and clean off any dust or dirt before storing. Storing them without proper cleaning may damage the lights and render them useless for the following year.

  5. There are several ways to store Christmas lights. One is to use cardboard. Cut the cardboard into a bone shape. The larger ends will keep the lights from slipping off. Wrap the lights from one side all the way to the other. Tuck the end in to keep the lights in place.

  6. If you have the center of an empty paper towel roll, you can also use this to store the lights. Simply make a small cut at each end, slip one end of the strand into one cut and roll the strand from one end to the other, slipping the other end into the opposite cut. This will secure the lights in place.

  7. Wrap the rolled Christmas lights with bubble wrap to protect the bulbs. Seal with tape and label it with details of the Christmas lights within – for instance; green lights, 50 meters, outdoor use.

  8. Put them in a shoe box and store carefully. Make sure that you store them in a safe and dry place. It is best to store them in dark places so avoid areas in exposed to direct sunlight. You can also wrap them in dark garbage bags.

You have invested in all those beautiful Christmas lights for the holidays. It is best that you know how to store Christmas lights so that you can use and reuse them for many years.  Proper storage will also reduce tangles, making for less work next holiday season.


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