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How to Straighten Thick, Curly Hair

How to Straighten Thick, Curly Hair

Naturally curly hair is best kept curly, as long as it is neat and not unruly. Nevertheless, if you want a new look or a change in hairstyle for a special occasion, here are steps on how to straighten thick, curly hair in few simple and easy to understand how-to steps.

  1. Select the appropriate flat iron for your hair

    There are many models and types of flat irons. Sometimes, the models are made specifically for thick, curly hair. If you have long hair, choose a flat iron with a plate that is one and a half inches wide or wider. If you have short hair, a half-inch or one-inch wide lets you iron shorter lengths and smaller sections.

    If you plan to use the iron often, you might want to buy one with variable heat settings. If you see yourself using the iron once a year, a one-setting iron is fine. Flat irons with only one setting can be used with thick hair. Those with fine or damaged hair need a heat setting that is lower than what irons with one heat setting have. For those with thick, curly hair, 350 to 400 degrees of heat is recommended.


    The ideal materials for flat irons are those that contain titanium, ceramic, or tourmaline. These materials work best with hair compared to ceramic coated or Teflon coated irons, as the latter make the hair dry. Titanium, ceramic, and tourmaline irons release negative ions, which tighten hair cuticles, resulting in straight hair that is shiny and less frizzy.

    Do not forget to test the flat iron you’ve chosen on a hidden section of your hair. Also, keep in mind that the iron must weigh two pounds or less so it does not easily fatigue your arm.

  2. Prep your hair

    Wash your hair with a smoothening or straightening shampoo and conditioner. After showering, apply a smoothening hair serum. It is also advisable to apply a heat-protection product so your hair doesn’t get fried. Blow dry your hair and smooth it down with a natural bristle brush. Hair must be completely dry before ironing, else it will get fried and badly damaged.

  3. Iron your hair

    Clip your hair into sections away from the hair you will iron. Start ironing from the bottom half of your hair, near the nape, moving forward and up. If you’re fast at clipping up your hair, you can preheat the iron at this point.

    Grab a half inch to two-inch section of your hair. How thick the section you should grab is dependent on the width of your iron. Since you have thick, curly hair, a thin section is most effective.

    Clip the hair between the iron plates and smoothly glide the iron down to the tip of your hair. Pull your hair gently to create tension. If you have a multi-setting iron, choose the one mentioned in Step 1. Always be careful not to let the heated plates touch your skin. Repeat for the bottom and mid-sections of your hair.

    For the top part of your hair or the crown, continue repeating the process in the previous paragraph, with one addition. Lift the hair away from the scalp and get the iron as close to the roots as possible, without burning your scalp. Draw the iron outward to the end of the hair. If you like, you can turn your wrist outward once you reach the ends so your hair has a soft flip at the ends.

While learning how to straighten thick, curly hair and mastering it can be done at home and in an affordable way, it is not advisable to iron your hair every day. Give it a rest from time to time so it can recover from the heat. Straight or curly hair will not look good if it is damaged from too much ironing.


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