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How to Style Short Hair

How to Style Short Hair

Long hair can be very high-maintenance at times, but some women put up with it simply because they do not know how to style short hair. With celebrities like Emma Watson, Hayden Panettiere, Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham and Ginnifer Goodwin rocking glamorous, short hair, short hairstyles are getting a second look. Given the right kinds of products and hair accessories, short hair can be versatile. Because it does not require much effort to achieve the desired texture and shape, you can achieve a pulled together look in just a few minutes. Here’s how:

  1. No matter what its length, hair naturally looks better when it’s shiny, smooth, and bouncy. Wash and condition your hair with products that leave it tamed but not limp, then follow through with some hair serum to keep frizz and flyaway down. Add some lift to your hair by flipping it over and drying it upside down. Because heat can damage your hair, we recommend using the cool setting on your blow dryer.

  2. For a sleek and straight look, divide your hair into sections and run a ceramic flat iron over the parts that need some extra smoothing.

    ou can save time by ironing just the top hair layers. Take a rattail comb and create a part, then sweep the hair across your forehead. Side parts generally look better than a central one, unless you want to highlight an interesting hairline like a widow’s peak. Spritz some hairspray on the parted hair to keep it in place, then embellish with a hair clip for added feminine appeal.

  3. On busy days, when you need to keep the hair off your face and still look pretty, try a headband. If simply shoving back the headband an inch away from your face doesn’t give you the most flattering style, try this trick: Have a hair clip or elastic on hand. Gather back your hair as if you are creating a half-pony (If your hair is too short to be tied back with the elastic, this is where the hair clips will come in handy). Now put on the headband and arrange it carefully so that the front part of your hair looks becoming. Here’s the money move—once the headband is in place, take off the clip or elastic so your hair falls loose. Finally, a headband hairdo that doesn’t leave you looking bedraggled.

  4. You can also try an edgy look by playing around with styling clay. This is perfect for short, layered hairstyles. Take some styling clay and rub it between your fingers. Next, pull out the hair sections one at a time and run your clay-loaded fingers through the hair’s length. The more clay you use, the more texture you will create. The messiest pieces should fall right over your forehead. To keep this hairstyle looking soft and tousled instead of messy, tuck in the rest of your hair behind your ears.

  5. A formal event generally calls for a sleek updo. Even if you have short hair, you can do this. All you need to do is generously apply some styling gel to your damp hair then comb through it. Use a rattail comb to neatly partition off your bangs and tuck them away using a bobby pin. If your hair is long enough, tie it back with elastic to keep it out of the way. If not, use more bobby pins to secure it. Use hairspray to keep it in place.

Learning how to style short hair can be just as fun as styling long hair. Short hair can run the gamut from very feminine to cutting edge, depending on how you accessorize. And one final tip when wearing short hair: According to red carpet pros, a subtle coat of shimmer powder on the shoulders and the chest adds an ethereal glow that will look amazing in photographs.


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