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how to survive a divorce financially

how to survive a divorce financially

Successful people can be badly derailed when facing a divorce. How much more when you are financially dependent to your spouse who is divorcing you? Never mind the hurt feelings, but how can you possibly become independent again at your age? How to survive a divorce financially is very depressing when you let your emotions get on top of everything. The mind is stronger, and that’s what you need badly at this time. Here are some survival tips:

  1. Financially dependent wives must be prepared that divorce may come the same way as the husband’s death, but it will be too late to restructure your married life now that he’s asking for a divorce. No matter how devastating it is, especially when you never had a clue as to why this has happened, keep your mind focused. It will not be as bad as what you think.

  2. Career women can also be threatened with a divorce financially but not as much on how to deal with the expenses without the ex-husband’s support. It has something to do with financial battles on who will get what.

    w that there are legal requirements in place for divorce settlements. Trust that you’ll get a fair share for your hard work. Leave this all to the lawyer so that your profession will not be affected with your being stressed with the whole process.

  3. If you are the family’s bread winner and considering divorcing your spouse, be responsible to those who are dependent on you. Your lawyer can design alimony for the dependents. The ex-wife can still get funding from you until she finds stable employment or gets married again. Remember that aside from your guilt, you can never get away from the authorities if you are summoned for not paying child support and alimony.

  4. Let’s say the divorce is final and alimony is fixed on a monthly basis. Will this be enough to retain your lifestyle? This is not the time to be very particular in maintaining luxuries in life. Get all the facts and figures together and live with it at least for the time being. Do not spend more than what you’re getting. Learn to lower your standard of living and find opportunities to earn on an additional part-time basis.

  5. If you and your husband own businesses, you should be familiar with risk management insurances. Nevertheless, if you neglected divorce-proofing your investments, negotiate with the other party amicably. You won’t have to sell all your businesses just to divide them equally between you and your spouse. You can divide them based on the interests in each. Good communication is the key to amicable settlements. Don’t let emotional issues interfere with financial dealings. That will complicate things.

  6. It’s bizarre thinking about the possibility of a divorce when you just got married. Although you’ll never wish for it to happen, it’s better to be ready for anything when you finally change your status. This will save you from a great disaster later on. If you choose to be a housewife, find ways to work in the comfort of your own home perhaps using a computer and the Internet.

How to survive a divorce financially should be in the minds of future brides and grooms. When you are secure in the money area, you will not be easily affected by the common stresses in life. In fact, this will contribute to having a successful marriage. It is wrong to marry for the purpose of getting something. Instead, marry to share what you have together for a lifetime.


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