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how to survive chemotherapy

how to survive chemotherapy

Once diagnosed with cancer, the patient may think that the end is near. But, upon the discovery of modern cancer treatment procedures like chemotherapy, chemo for short, the fight against this threatening disease seems to be lighter and easy. Many have asked how to survive chemotherapy. Even if there is no hard-and-fast rule on this, there are still after-chemo tips that can greatly help. Chemotherapy is just one of many cancer treatment procedures available. Primarily, it uses an antineoplastic drug or a combination of drugs to form a standardized treatment regimen. The administration of the drugs is done for several sessions. Surviving chemotherapy remains a challenge to all cancer patients. As mentioned on canincancer.com, “the key to surviving chemotherapy regimen is to trust your instincts, listen to your body, and go with the flow.” Let's discuss how to survive anxiety before, during and after the chemotherapy session.

  1. Eat a healthy meal before the treatment. Most cancer patients, after chemo sessions, will no longer feel like eating their favorite dishes.

    hus, eating a good meal can compensate, in one way or the other, for the appetite loss. Fruits and soft foods are excellent choices since the patient is likely to vomit after the treatment.

  2. Drink more water. During chemo sessions, drink plenty of water. Water will easily flush out the toxins brought about by the drugs. Also, water will restore the natural color of your skin and nails as it transports nutrients and minerals throughout the body.

  3. Drink coconut water. This is to replenish the lost electrolytes in the body. Other than that, coconut water is a good alternative in adding some flavor to your drink. A glass of all-natural coconut water can do much for the proper functioning of the kidneys.

  4. Eat healthy foods after the treatment. It is advisable to eat soup containing all-natural spices and without preservatives. But, if you crave some other dishes, go for it. In other words, if you feel like eating, eat. Don’t worry because the body has its own natural way of recuperation. Instead of dairy-based drinks, soya-based yogurt drinks, which contain good bacteria for the stomach, must be incorporated into your diet.

  5. Drink natural and fresh juices. This is to reinvigorate your tired body after every chemo session. Fruit and vegetable juices from carrots, beetroots, cucumbers and apples create a good tasting drink. Wash the fruits and vegetables properly before juicing them.

  6. Avoid meat and dairy products. These can trigger cancer cells because the diets of the animals are usually packed with growth enhancers. When these growth hormone enhancers, usually found in meat and milk, are taken into the body, the cancer cells will be prompted to sub-divide and spread to the other parts of the body.

  7. Eliminate refined sugar from your diet. This sugar is good for the cancer cells. Since chemo is geared towards killing the cancer cells and preventing them from spreading, they should not be encouraged to multiply by feeding them with sugary foods. Do not give the cancer cells a chance to recuperate. Instead of refined sugar, sucrose or fruit sugar is a good alternative.

  8. Avoid infection. After the treatment, the patient will become vulnerable to infection because the white blood cells in the body are also affected. The immune system becomes too weak. Thus, as much as possible, maintain cleanliness in food preparation and always put on your face mask.

  9. Strengthen your kidneys. Parsley water is good for the kidneys. During chemo sessions, the kidneys are the catch-basin of all the toxins from the chemo drugs. This makes the kidneys very vulnerable. Boil water with parsley leaves and simmer it for a few minutes. Drink it cold or in a natural temperature.

After the treatment, rest all you can. If you feel like sleeping, then sleep. Do not stress out. These tips on how to survive chemotherapy are easy to follow. Therefore, there is no reason why you cannot go through the battle and be cancer-free in the end. Faithfully fight cancer and be a survivor.


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