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how to sync iPhone calendars

how to sync iPhone calendars

Calendars are very useful in our day to day life because they help us to track our schedules and commitments. Many are still using organizers to keep a record of their upcoming events, meetings, work schedules, trips, and other commitments. A typical organizer is equipped with calendar dates, lines and spaces for specific activities and commitments on a given date, and even a time breakdown. An iPhone calendar works almost the same way. Now that you have your new device, learn how to sync iPhone calendars. An iPhone is a much more sophisticated portable device; classy, and stylish. Thus, if you are always on the go, moving from one place to another, this device can best help you to organize your commitments. To sync calendars on your iPhone, just follow the steps below.

  1. Connect the iPhone cable. Connect one end of the USB cable to your iPhone and the other end to the USB port of your computer. Make sure that both ends of the cable are well-fitted into the appropriate USB ports.

  2. Connect to the internet.

    You must have access to the internet in order to choose your source of calendar, whether from Google shared calendars, iCal, or Google applications.

  3. Install Google sync. If you wish to sync your iPhone calendar to Google shared calendars, the first step is to install Google sync on your gadget. Second, add the Google calendars into your iPhone and from your iPhone go to the Google website, calendar sync page. Log in there and choose your device. Select the shared calendar you want to see on your iPhone. Finally, go to your iPhone’s calendar application and select your new added shared calendar. Once this is done, your iPhone will automatically and instantly be flooded with data.

  4. Use Google applications. If you wish to use Google applications, the process is not really the same as with Google shared calendars. On your iPhone, open the Safari browser, go the Google website and click on Google application user. Type in your user name and click on sync. If you are required to sign in, just follow all the commands. Finally, select the device that you will configure your calendar on.

  5. Sync to iCal. If you want to sync iPhone calendars in iCal, this is how to do it. First, you need to set up your iPhone USB cable by connecting it to the USB port of your computer. Second, open iTunes on the internet and from the iTunes device and select your iPhone to open its summary page. Third, you will see on top of the main window the “Info” tab. Just click on it. Fourth, you will see a check box beside “sync iCal calendars.” Just mark it. Fifth, you can choose whether to sync all calendars or only selected calendars.

    Try to limit your synchronization to most recent events. Finally, by clicking on the sync button, the iCal and iPhone calendars will synchronize.

  6. Sync Microsoft Works calendar with your iPhone. Make the necessary connections from your computer to your iPhone. Connect to the internet and click on iTunes. Once in iTunes, click the “Devices” tab and look for your iPhone on the list and click on it. Click the “Info” tab then check “Sync calendars.” Select Microsoft Works and click sync.

    If you want to sync with Outlook or another calendar program on your computer, the process is almost the same as just discussed above.

The iPhone is the latest electronic communication gadget equipped with multiple applications that can run simultaneously, one of which is the calendar. From the word “sync” you have to synchronize your calendar from one source down to your iPhone. It is just a matter of transferring your electronic calendar file onto your iPhone. Usually, your calendar file is stored either on your laptop or desktop computer. You will likely fill in the necessary calendar details on your computer. Once the calendar is synced to your iPhone, you can edit on your schedules right on the iPhone itself. Thus, once you know how to sync iPhone calendars, wherever you go, you can conveniently check all your schedules and commitments right in the palm of your hand.


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