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How to Syringe Feed a Cat

How to Syringe Feed a Cat

You can save a cat from dying if you’re able to provide it with proper nutrition. When the cat is seriously ill, it will have no appetite. You have a choice to just let it go or go through the process of syringe feeding. How to syringe feed a cat is not that difficult when you know what to do. Here are helpful tips:

  1. Organize the right tools for syringe feeding. The veterinarian will provide you with a tool that looks like medical syringe but without the needle. There’s a cone-like tip instead, with a larger opening for injecting thicker food in substance form. Get the ideal 6 cc capacity syringe for your cat.

  2. A towel wide enough to prevent the cat from escaping and thick enough to protect you from its claws is needed to control your cat. A kitty burrito is designed for this purpose, but if you do not have one, any spare towel will do as long as it is not too fluffy to hinder your grip.

  3. Do the necessary preparations before attempting to syringe-feed the cat.

    ake sure that the food is blended, water for mouth rinsing is in place, and both food and water are proportionate to each other as advised by the veterinarian.

  4. Fancy Feast servings can be mixed with chicken broth but must be blended thoroughly to create thick syrup to be able to be facilitated using the food syringe. Alimentary diet or maximum calorie recovery supplements are available in animal hospitals with prescription. Clinicare, however, is common in veterinary clinics.

  5. The food serving must be warmed but without microwaving it. The food in a container can be soaked in water hot enough to warm it. Microwaving foods can change the breakdown of food elements that can eliminate nutrients.

  6. Get all the help that you can find. Ask someone to gather all the preparations you made. Let someone roll down the towel as you position the cat and bind the towel around it. Cover the cat from the neck down. Paws and claws must be tucked securely inside the towel.  Place the cat under your left arm to firmly support it as your right hand holds the syringe. Induce the syringe into the cat’s mouth, but let your hand rest at its cheekbone for a steady application.

  7. Slide the syringe into the lips of the cat and find a way inside its mouth. The tip of the syringe must be able to enter the gap where the smaller and shorter premolar teeth are located. If you further slide the syringe, it will open the cat’s jaw.

  8. Take it easy when inducing food into your cat’s mouth. Do it slowly but do the feeding at least four times a day. Just increase the amount gradually as it gets used to it. Three ounces of canned cat food can be made into nine syringe servings. So, use that amount during the first couple of days at three to four feedings a day.

The caloric requirement of your cat will depend on its sickness. How to syringe feed a cat will be explained by your veterinarian. The food dosage will be calculated against the weight of your cat. The formula may be a combination of different kinds of cat foods to be able to supplement the dietary deficiency of your cat.


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