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how to take Abilify

how to take Abilify

A person may tend to be suicidal when depressed. Depression is treated with antidepressants. The problem is, antidepressants can contribute to suicidal tendencies. This can be detected during the initial stage of the treatment or when the dosage is adjusted. Hallucinations, unstable feelings and nervousness trigger the thoughts of suicide. This is where Abilify is needed. The proper way on how to take Abilify must be verified first so that one knows what to expect. Read through to learn more:

  1. One tablet a day is the dosage of Abilify. This can be taken before or after meals. The regular intake schedule must not be interrupted until the prescribed span of treatment is completed. If a pill is missed, do not take two. Just continue with the next scheduled dosage. Any changes in terms of amount and schedule must be communicated with the doctor prior to implementation.

  2. Aripiprazole is one kind of orally administered Abilify in liquid form. It restores the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain in the event of a mental or mood disorder, such as bipolar conditions.

    Aripiprazole is sometimes combined with antidepressants for its antipsychotic abilities.

  3. Guidelines in taking Aripiprazole are indicated on its packet. Use that as your checklist to make sure that you have done all the necessary steps. If something is not clear to you, don’t hesitate to ask the pharmacist or your doctor.

  4. Like the Abilify pill, the Aripiprazole liquid form can also be taken before or after eating. Measure the formula with a spoon, following the number of spoonfuls as indicated in the prescription. There may be instances when the doctor will lower your dosage due to the extremity of the discomforts brought about by the medication’s side effects. Just follow accordingly.

  5. Abilify pills dissolve fast in the mouth or when exposed to liquid. Only remove the drug from its foil pack when your hands are clean and dry. Place it on your tongue to gradually melt, then swallow just with pure saliva. Do not chew or break down pieces. Keep it sealed until it’s time to put it into your mouth. This is not taken with water.

  6. Never take the liberty of adjusting the dosage of your treatment according to what you feel. You will be putting yourself at risk of damaging side effects.

  7. The more regularly you use this drug, the better your body can adjust to it. Once the body has adapted to this substance, side effects will mellow down. The body will even begin to crave it when taken at the same time daily.

  8. Note that an abrupt change or interruption or sudden discontinued use of this treatment can startle your system, leading to damaging side effects. When the doctor is convinced that you’ll be better off without the drug, the dosage will be gradually lowered until you finally stop taking it. This is to avoid making your condition worse.

Abilify aids neurotransmitters in conveying information in the brain. Serotonin and Dopamine are Abilify drugs. They are perceived to work by adjusting the grade of some chemicals. You can concentrate better when you are under the influence of these drugs. Aripiprazole, on the other hand, controls mood swings. How to take Abilify is very per-determined. Follow the guidelines religiously to get the most positive effects.


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