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how to take Amoxicillin 500MG

how to take Amoxicillin 500MG

One of the most popular antibiotics is the penicillin called Amoxicillin. It comes in a 500 milligram formula, which is why it’s referred to as Amoxicillin 500MG. It’s tough in killing bacteria that are the causes of many infections. Gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases and even pneumonia are conditions that are rooted from infections caused by harmful bacteria. How to take Amoxicillin 500MG involves following a complete course of treatment prescribed by doctors. This course must be followed to avoid making these bacteria resistant to the drug. Here are some guidelines in taking it:

  1. If you are allergic to the penicillin-based antibiotics available, there’s a great chance that you are also allergic to Amoxicillin. Ampicillin and Dicloxacillin are examples of these antibiotics. The doctor will surely prescribe an alternative to Amoxicillin upon learning of your allergies.

  2. Recall all other allergies you had in the past, especially if they had something to do with Cephalosporins.

    ke this known to your doctor and include your complete medical history. Mention if you are asthmatic or have liver or kidney dysfunctions. Also mention if you have experienced bleeding or blood clotting illnesses. The doctor may have to advise other options.

  3. The use of Amoxicillin can make oral contraceptives unreliable. Accidental pregnancies can happen, so double up your birth control method by adding diaphragm, spermicide or condom use. This will increase your protection against unwanted pregnancy.

  4. Take note that Amoxicillin is not intended to cure viral infections. This is not the right antibiotic for infections resulting in coughs and flus. A common mistake that antibiotic takers make is stopping the medication when the condition seems to be getting better – even if the course of the prescription has not been completed.

  5. Remember that your prescription belongs to you only – and this is not applicable to the conditions of others, despite the fact that their symptoms may be more or less the same.

  6. The only time you should stop taking Amoxicillin during the treatment is when watery or bloody diarrhea occurs. Never try to cure the diarrhea with over-the-counter medicines because it can be a symptom of a newly-formed infection.

  7. Know that the chewable Amoxicillin tablets have Phenylalanine ingredient. If you have the condition called Phenylketonuria, you should have serious discussions with your doctor for proper guidance.

It’s always important to take extra caution when you are pregnant, even if there’s no official report that Amoxicillin can harm the fetus inside a pregnant woman’s stomach. Also, think twice about taking it if you are still breastfeeding your baby. The extracts of the drug can be transferred to the baby through the milk. Only the doctor can suggest better ways of administering the treatment or totally disregard this option for a safer alternative. How to take Amoxicillin 500MG will require some considerations for a safer administration. Always be true with every detail of your medical status and history because only you will benefit from this. Clarify everything with the doctor to make sure that you are on your way to wellness and not to disaster.


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